Murphy’s Imported Stout $5.99 @ Total Wine & More

I didn’t actually buy this beer but had received it as a gift. Anyway, I decided to look it up on Google and found that Total Wine & More sells this. Interesting. Total Wine & More is like the upscale version of Bevmo and sure enough, the price confirmed my suspicions. It was $6 for a pint can. Holy moly. This is not a 6-pack. It’s a single can. And it’s not even a full pint can. It’s definitely using a pint can but right on the can, it says that it only has 14.9 fluid ounces. Wow. So on top of the price tag being $5.99 a can, they’re jipping me 1.1 ounce of fluid.


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With that said, it’s a stout (or at least it claims to be). This is one of the lightest-tasting stout that I’ve ever tasted. No joke. Ordinarily, stouts tend to have a deeper, more complex flavor. It tends to be medium bodied and tends to have a darker flavor. This is not one of those types of stouts. If anything, it tastes more like a lager with a very heavy foam head. This beer actually reminds me of another beer that I had a little while ago and that was Bodington’s Pub Ale. The creamy, foamy head is definitely similar. Even popping the top off this can has that characteristic “pressurized” pop.

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On the back side of the can, the product description says that the ingredients are “pure pale malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley, and hops.” I can’t say that I can taste the pale malt, roasted barley or the hops. Chocolate malt, however, is a bit noticeable but only as an aftertaste. Even then, you’ll have to spray it across your palate to really make it noticeable and you’ll feel it on the sides of your palate as a hint of bitterness. Honestly, I wouldn’t really call this a stout. It’s too light and there’s nothing particularly complex or deep about the flavor.


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Upon closer inspection, it doesn’t appear like this has the ABV written anywhere on the can but no problem, because Beer Advocate says it’s rated at a low 4% ABV. That’s lower than the American mass produced beers. Jeez. I wanted to like this stout more but sadly, this is not a stout despite the can’s claim to be. Rated as a stout, this is a sorry excuse for a stout.


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All in all, if I had to say so, you should probably avoid this Murphy’s Imported Stout. You’d be sorely disappointed if you’ve have some experience drinking other stouts from other brands. Otherwise, if you’ve never had a stout before and wanted to get an idea of what it can potentially be but are afraid of the deeper, darker, more complex flavors of a real stout, you should give this “stout” a try. Otherwise, avoid like the plague.

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