San Antonio Winery’s Chocolate Bar Is Not What It Seems

I don’t usually do this but this time around, I decided to go with a bottle of wine so I visited my local winery shop: San Antonio Winery to pick up something that’s off the beaten path. It’s not exactly “bottom shelf” but it is under $20, just to keep it consistent. This bottle goes for $16.95 and I don’t know if that’s considered expensive for what this wine claims to be but it’s relatively cheap, so I decided to go with it.


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First off, this bottle is wrapped in foil and you’ll need a cork remover to pop that cork off. Now, I had thought that since the name was “Chocolate Bar” that the wine itself would be liquid chocolate but no, this is not the case. In fact, it’s red wine flavored with chocolate, hazelnuts, and some other nutty flavor. I can’t quite make it out but the dark chocolate and hazelnuts definitely comes through without fail.

I wouldn’t say it’s “easy to drink” as it is a port wine and like any port wine, they tend to be on the thick side. But that’s inherent in port wine so it isn’t so much a complaint as it is pointing out the characteristics of what port wine is like. Now, I’m ghetto and rather than putting this in the refrigerator until it’s cool, I decided to pour this over ice. And for me at least, it worked out. I think the wine tasted fine poured over ice but I would imagine it would taste better if it was actually chilled rather poured over ice.


The chocolate flavor actually comes through as an aftertaste rather than something you’d taste on the palate. It’s not bad. In fact, I would say that it’s actually ok but I wouldn’t consider this a dessert wine like the bottle claims it to be. It’s not sweet in the traditional sense of sweet like the name of this wine would have you believe. It’s “sweet” for a wine but not sweet on the palate, if that makes sense.

If you spray this across your palate, you’ll really feel that characteristic bitter chocolate taste on the sides of your palate. Then the hazelnut taste comes off towards the end of it. It’s like a hint of it. Hard to notice at first but you’ll start tasting it after 3-4 sips in. And the thing that really throws me off about this wine is the ABV. It’s rated at 18% ABV, which is pretty high. But it may also explain why it’s so strong on the way down the gullet. You can feel that warm burning sensation in your intestines.

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All in all, it’s actually ok but I probably wouldn’t buy this again. It’s not as yummy as the bottle claims it to be and the chocolate flavor is leaning a bit on the dark and bitter side. It’s hardly sweet. For novelty sake though, I’d still say that you should give it a shot. Your mileage may vary is all I’m saying.

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