Sangriana Sangria $5.99 @ Aldi

I decided to hit up my local Aldi in Alhambra and noticed this new bottle of sangria on the shelf. I was actually deciding between this and their Bacher brand beer, which I’ve personally never heard of before. Judging from the branding logo and artwork, it looked like it might be a re-branded well known German beer but I could be wrong. Between the two, I decided to go with sangria because beer just won’t taste all that great over ice as oppose to sangria over ice, which tastes just as good as chilled. Beer, on the other hand, has to be chilled. Beer tastes weird when you pour it over ice, which should be a no-brainer but I gave it a shot once upon a time and didn’t really like it, be it the good stuff or the cheaper mass production beers.


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This bottle of Sangriana Sangria only came in the 1.5 liter bottles and at $5.99, that’s a bargain! First impressions? Upon removing the aluminum foil and cracking the top open, the whiff of sangria that I got wasn’t the most pleasant of smells but the taste is actually decent for what it is. Typically, for the cheaper sangria’s, the taste has a distinct sourness like the Carlo Rossi Sangria that I’ve reviewed a little while back. That one definitely tasted like a Boone’s Farm Sangria but in jug form and under a different label minus the carbonation. Technically, Carlo Rossi and Boone’s Farm are owned by the same parent company: E&J Gallo Winery, if I recall correctly so it shouldn’t be too surprising when some of their wine’s taste profile is pretty similar to each other. I suspect that they’ve likely came from the same batch of red wine and rather than wasting their oxidized, leftover red wine, they add some additional flavoring and advertise it as sangria.


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Rated at a low ABV of 7%, there isn’t much bite to this sangria, which is good because I prefer my sangria on the sweeter end of the spectrum than dry. I was actually expecting more of that distinct sour smell that I got a whiff of when opening the bottle but it’s more of an afterthought, if anything, which is good. I think the “lemon flavor” ingredient on the label helped curb and mask that unsavory aspect of this wine really well. I liken that sour taste to chewing on a lemon peel at worst, which can be bitter if you keep munching on it but it’s more like a brief taste of that and then it goes away. It doesn’t linger, which is great.


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All in all, it’s a cheaper and better tasting version of Lolailo Sangria, if anything. if I had a choice between the two, I would choose Sangriana Sangria over Lolailo Sangria, hands down because it tastes better and it’s cheaper, albeit, I’d have to make the drive out to the Aldi in Alhambra to get it and it’s only seasonal.

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