Budlight Pine Apple Rita 12-pk $9.97 @ CVS

Last time, I hit up CVS, I managed to snag a new bottle of sangria that I’ve never seen before. This time, I noticed that in the refrigerated booze section, they carried this 12-pack of Budlight Pine Apple Rite (or pineapple margarita) and it’s a new flavor that I’ve never had before. I did, however, scan the rest of the alcohol section to see what seemed good but I ended up with this because 1) I didn’t want to spend $20 and 2) I wanted something tasty to drink. Having remember a somewhat positive experience with the Lime-A-Rita and Strawberry Margarita, I decided to give this pineapple flavor a try.


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First impressions? It has a very strong and rather artificial tasting of pineapple. The carbonation really brings out the pineapple flavor but at the same time, it feels syrupy on the palate. One thing is for sure, it definitely leaves a sticky residue on one’s lips. This is definitely meant to be on the sweeter end of all the “Rita” cocktails that I’ve had. If you can deal with the syrupy texture, it’s actually pretty alright. However, I think I like the original Lime-A-Rita better of the 3 flavors that I’ve tried.


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It comes in a small can of 8 fluid ounces and the ABV is rated at a respectable 8%. This is clearly meant to get you drunk and relatively quickly at that. And because it’s sweet to the palate, it’s hard to tell how much you’ve had until you’ve had like 8 cans in a row without thinking about the alcohol impact that comes knocking on the door pretty soon. And the only real downside to this drink is that once the carbonation wears off, the alcohol taste and smell becomes quite apparent. It’s actually rather unpleasant of an alcohol taste and smell. I’d recommend it icing it at that point to mask this unpleasant sides of this drink.


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All in all, however, at a sale price of $9.97, this is not bad. Though to be honest, I’d rather just stick with the basic Lime-A-Rita as between the three flavors I’ve had, this is the more balance of the three.

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