That NY Girl I’ve Been Talking To

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to that NY girl from Facebook. By talk, I mean like a “video chat,” which is something that I don’t ordinarily engage in with people since I can easily just meet up with them offline. But she’s a special case and the fact that she’s from NY is really the only reason why I would even consider video chatting with anyone. Apparently, she has a black accent. Well, to be accurate, she speaks like a Black person. You know, that “ghetto speak” slang that Black folks from the hood would ordinarily speak like? I guess it shouldn’t be surprising considering that she’s from NY, which is like the mecca of urban culture. Maybe it’s even expected. I wouldn’t know. I’m largely ignorant in this arena. Never been to NY personally myself but supposedly it’s about as diverse as Los Angeles except it’s more ‘concentrated.’ (Read: Jam-packed).

Now what can I say about Samantha, the NY girl, that I haven’t already known before? Honestly, her “text persona” and her “video persona” are more or less consistent–that is, consistently inconsistent.I already sensed from her the online chats that she’s a bit off. What do I mean by that? I mean, it seemed like we connected really well for nearly a week then “poof” she conveniently disappears and insists that she’s busy and couldn’t reply. But yet she goes on the online forum where I came to have known her and she spent an unusual amount of time responding to people’s posts. Surely, one could reason, that she can spend a moment of her time responding to one of my messages since it was clearly the case that she spent most of the night responding to people’s responses on said forum. This pattern repeated itself again about a couple of weeks later. We would connect really well for a short while, say, half the week, and then “poof”. It’s like suddenly she’s busy again or perhaps distracted. By the second time, I realized what sort of pattern this was. And this pattern is reminiscent of people with Borderline Personality Disorder. I’ve seen the pattern before in the last female friend I”ve had the opportunity to befriend. Big mistake. But this one is not nearly as moody as the last one. I don’t know what it is that makes me such an attractive candidate for BPD’s but seriously, this is getting tiring. But I suspect that might have something to do with my general “good nature” and “seeing the good in people.” I don’t know.

For now, I suppose I’ll just keep her at arms length. I don’t really want to get too terribly invested in her. She’s much too young for me but at the same time, age is just a number. In four years time, it wouldn’t be that odd for someone of my age range to be dating a woman of her age range. Funny, how a minor difference of digits make people balk at the idea while the same minor difference in digits make people think it’s perfectly fine at the next instance.

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