HPD, BPD, and Other Personality Disorders

So I’ve been doing a lot of research on these topics and the type of women that I tend to attract and the type of women that I tend to be attracted to. In hindsight, if you remember the entries where I talked about Joanne, she probably leaned more or had more “histrionic” traits as opposed to borderline traits but is neither a full blown of either disorder. Frankly though, I’d rather attribute the shit storm that hit the fan that I experienced as ‘mere’ immaturity. Whatever the case was, I think I made the most rational decision for me at the time to lay low and move on from all of that. Admittedly, I do occasionally think about her and whatever ‘good moments’ we had together, however brief, while we were still friends. She was definitely one of those that had me fooled but at the time, there were some personality flaws that I’ve noticed about her that had nothing to do with me yet they were still troubling to know. And that’s namely how she treats “some” of her male friends worse while affording her other male friends more ‘privileges’ of being in her presence. Princess mentality. But I gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe this was the relationship dynamics of these friendships with regards to her male friends so I didn’t give it much thought beyond that. Besides, it wasn’t me in that position so why think about it? Now, as far as how they actually translate over to a romantic relationship? It wasn’t something that I thought about. Maybe I should have but what’s past is past.

Lauren was similar to Joanne but dumber in many respects. And she was more peppy and outgoing relative to Joanne. Talkative, in other words. Really fun to be around and falling in love with her was not in my plans–at all. Comparing her with the NY gal? Hell, I’d pick the NY gal over Lauren any day of the week but then again, NY gal is crazy in her own little ways. So I had to cut her off too. And at the face of it, I don’t think there will be much negative repercussions but I’m expecting that she’ll be telling nasty stories about me to her other male friends that I abandoned her and all that jazz. So wait and see is about all I can do for now. And “no contact.”

I have more thoughts on this but I’m out of time. I have work so until next time!

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