Too Dense to Notice That Three Women Were Coming Onto Me

Yesterday, when I was in the Little Tokyo Galleria typing out another entry, I had at least three Asian women walk past my table and they were “strutting” their stuff while I was deeply focused on typing and it had just occurred tonight that they were trying to get my attention. Funny how my brain works. When I’m focused on something, I tend to block out everything else. And while I do notice my surroundings, I’m not “actively” paying attention to them.

One woman, I remember she was wearing a skin tight business suit with a high cut skirt where her ass was accentuated. Pretty gal but I could tell she was a few years older than me. Key thing that I noticed? Wrinkles under her cheeks. For Asian women, that’s about the only tell tale sign you’re gonna get. I don’t think I would have wanted to talk to her though. She gave me the impression that she was thirsty. Real thirsty. And I just don’t like humoring thirsty women. I know most other men would be so happy to get her attention and sexual advances, but me? Turn off.

The second woman was dressed up very plainly. A t-shirt and jeans. Not skin tight. Very loose and baggy. She actually hit my table, took one good, long look into my face before apologizing and awkwardly walking away. Since I was abruptly interrupted, I caught a glimpse of her face and she just has a butter face. Yuck! But her body is alright. I dunno if I would have talked to her but that butter face is hard to like. I just can’t stand butter faces. It’s just ugly. Straight up. But if she had a great personality, I’ll make an exception for her. Lauren, one of the past gals I’ve been acquainted but have since cut her loose when she expressed she didn’t feel the same way, had a butter face but she was really fun to be around. I would not have minded at all with taking things long term with her.

The third woman was fat. I don’t know else to put it. She was like a “oompa loompa” kind of fat. Hilarious, now that I think about it. I dunno how Asian women can get that fat but goddamn, lay off the rice, girl!!! She wasn’t ugly, by the way. Just morbidly obese. And I just don’t get how women can let themselves go that far, you know what I mean?

Anyway, out of the three, if I had a choice on who to date, I’d probably choose the second one. She just seems the most interesting of the three. Thirsty woman #1, usually they tend to be airheads. Not much for great conversations. Fat women are great conversationalists. But she was so morbidly obese that unless she started a conversation with me first, I probably wouldn’t have talked with. That leaves me with woman #2 who is neither extreme but has a butter face. Again, if she has a great personality, I’d give her a shot.

All things considered though, I don’t think I’ll be seeing them again. I’ve never seen frequent Little Tokyo before. But I guess I’ll leave that up to Fate to decide if I’ll come across them again.

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