Yet Another Random Facebook Gal

About three weeks ago, a mutual friend of one of my limited range of Facebook friends decided to send me a friend request. This person, a gal, supposedly knows another person, an Asian American guy, who I befriended in an Asian American activist group called Asians Not Brainwashed By Media or ANBM for short. For the past few weeks now, this gal has been sending me sticker after sticker of random cute animals and seemingly random messages. Most of them I get from her are about what she’s feeling, what she is doing at the moment, what she is thinking and things of that nature. Let me make this clear. I don’t know her. Never met her before, never talked to her on any personal or professional basis in the past or known about her through other mutual acquaintances online or offline, so far as I am concerned. And as far as I care to know, she’s just random person that messaged me. She appears to be living in Los Angeles, according to her profile, but it’s the internet and for all I know, it could be a lie.

Here’s what I find peculiar. Aside from the one mutual acquaintance that she and I both know, there’s really no real reason for her to message me. And I think within the first fifteen minutes of talking with her, I got the gist of it. Basically, she was looking for attention and I was conveniently the one guy amongst dozens of guys, I would imagine, that she messaged who replied back. Coincidentally, that day, I was at a car audio shop out in Lincoln Heights and was there to have them install a pair of cheapo speakers that I had bought from Fry’s earlier in the week. It was a bright sunny Saturday and I had just gotten an oil change done for my car at my mechanic’s shop and installing those speakers plus my brand new Pioneer MVH-X370BT radio. (I’ll be writing a more detailed review of that car stereo and the pair of speakers at a later time). It was a good day.

*Ping* I hear that familiar twinkle that I had just received a new message and friend request on Facebook. You know this sound, if you have the Facebook app on your smartphone. If you don’t, just imagine for a moment that you’re playing Super Mario and you had just hit a coin box. It sounds a lot like that but with a distinctive popping ping noise. Anyway, I see her message and it was a smiley face. I sent back a message with a smiley face. No reply for five whole minutes. Then I began with asking her how she knew my mutual guy friend. She didn’t say but insisted that she had met the guy in person. And here I’m thinking, “He’s from Michigan. And this guy has a pretty unique personality that if you don’t how he normally is, he might be just a tad bit off putting, if not, downright offensive.” She mentioned that he was a weird fellow but otherwise “harmless” and goes on to say how handsome I was and how no Asian man wants her. Immediately after, she jumped to saying that she was in love with me, out of the blue, and started saying lovey dovey things that couples say to each other. Then sticker after sticker of Facebook “I love you’s.” This was nothing short of “WTF?!?!” you know what I mean? But I played along because it was a nice day, I was in a good mood, and why the hell not while I was waiting for my speakers and stereo to be installed?

So I humored her the entire hour after which I had to cut her loose to go do what I wanted to do for the day. Nope. She wouldn’t have it. She kept messaging and telling me all these things about herself that strikes me as “Ok…so why is that my problem?” Things like her tummy aches from eating too much cake, like how it’s hard for her snag an Asian man, and how she needs a man in her life. Again, I was in a good mood, so when I had a spare moment, I messaged her back. This lasted throughout the day until, I suppose, her favorite target popped in and she had to leave for a few hours. That was perfectly fine with me so that would have given me a few hours of peace. But not more than an hour had passed and she sent me a Facebook sticker of a panda crying. By then, I was well into my exercise routine for the night. And then I thought, “This person has issues. Like serious issues.” I didn’t get back to her until I was done with my first set after which I told her that I was busy and can’t talk.

Holy shit~~~ A barrage of messages came flying my way with “you don’t care about me” and other things of that nature. Number one, “Bitch, I don’t know you.” Number two, “Bitch, you reek of neediness and insecurity.” Number three, “Bitch, I don’t care.” I ignored her for the whole hour that she kept sending me message after message and sticker after sticker of angry panda bears, cats, and rabbits.

Fast forward three days later of complete radio silence. She sends a sticker of a happy panda bear. I reply back with a happy rabbit. She started acting all lovey dovey again like what had just transpired three days prior hadn’t happened at all. Wow. Just wow. At that point, I relegated her to the pile of “people I don’t care much for but will humor if I’m bored.” She’s still messaging me to this day and the things she talks about are as shallow and vapid as it gets. I mostly just respond with stickers. Everything that she ever messages is about her. And everyone knows that shit gets old fast. But whatever. It’s Facebook. I let her send her messages and stickers to her hearts content since I don’t really pay attention to her messages anyway.

In all seriousness though, if she would put in a bit more effort to getting to know me, maybe, I’ll care more about what she’s saying but she’s not so I’m just returning her the amount of effort that she’s giving me, which is almost no effort. Relationships built on that lack of effort will never amount to much. And that’s all I gotta say about that.

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