I Give Love a Chance and I Still Believe In True Love

It may come as a surprise for a lot of you, given the type of articles that I have the tendency to write about with regard to feminism, my thoughts on the current dating scene, and with women but I give love a chance. I give it a chance to develop if there’s something there that’s worth fighting for. I know, I know. It’s shocking, right? Given all the views, often times negative, with respect to feminism and how a large chunk of women are acting these days that I’ve already written about, the overwhelming evidence that is my previous articles should be a screaming horn that says “This guy doesn’t believe in love or that true love exists.” I actually do believe in love and that true love still exists. The only difference between my old self from my high school days and now is that I’m much more realistic about it. If love were that easy to find, after all, is it even worth keeping at that point? I think not.

Nevertheless, I’m not terribly gungho about finding me a mate to be with at the immediate moment. I’m actually more interested in focusing my energy into making this blog into a useful guide for lovers of all types of liquors as well as talk about issues that I think are relevant, interesting, or at least, attempt to bring awareness to what’s been going on with respect to current events and social relationships from the perspective of one American born Chinese. And, as you may know, I’ve spoken on and off about that Asian American activist group on Facebook (Asians Not Brainwashed By Media) that I’m a part of and I had been wanting to do my part as an Asian American to change people’s attitudes with how we, as Asians, are generally perceived by society at large. This blog, which started out as purely a personal blog that mostly revolved around my rants about work and personal relationships has gradually evolved to what it is now. It’s still largely a personal blog, yes, but I wanted it to be known that the writer behind this blog is an Asian American, and specifically, an American-born Chinese man at that. One that is just as multi-faceted, diverse, and uniquely complex and sophisticated as any other racial group. But I digress.

There have been times when I’m hanging out with a group of friends and in that group, invariably, at least one of them will bring up the topic about relationships and time and again, I give the same canned response: I haven’t really found anyone that I want to commit to. That’s partly true. I say partly because technically, it is true that I haven’t found anyone but that’s mainly because I’m not actively looking or pursuing anyone. And I haven’t really been pursuing anyone for a while now. For one thing, I don’t have time. For another, I really do want to focus on other things right now like finding another day job and hoping to make a living out of blogging one day by spending more time and energy into this blog.

Plus, given the current dating scene as it is, I think it’d be a good idea to wait on it until this generation of people gradually move back to more traditional gender roles and expectations as they slowly realize the deleterious effects of modern feminism has been having on western society. The ‘boiling over’ point is close. I think in another decade or so, men and women will snap out of their petty idealism and realize that hey, the modern feminism that they have been forcing down people’s throats are really starting to destabilize society from the inside out to the point that it can no longer function without dire consequences to large swaths and layers of society bearing the full brunt of it and most of it will be women, at the end of the day. Irony will be fully realized at that point and they will finally realize that the very thing that they supposedly fighting to make equal with men are actually going to make women’s lives a whole lot more difficult (and overall happiness will be reduced significantly) in the long run.

But if by happenstance, I find that unicorn that excites me and that is long-term relationship material, then by god, I will jump on it. She’s just not here yet.

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