DP Audio DS699 For Under $30

When it comes to car speakers, I don’t really know too much, if anything at all, beyond the basic stuff. Now, the word ‘basic’ can mean any number of things to a variety of people. When I say basic, I mean that besides it being a 2-way speaker or “coaxial” speaker where the subwoofer and tweeter are integrated together with the speaker, one on top of the next, and 3-way speakers that have a separate unit each acting on its own as a whole unit, I don’t know much else. So far as watts, output, frequencies, and all that jazz? I don’t know anything about that.

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At the time when I bought these speakers, it was to replace the rear deck on my 97 Honda Accord as they have been broken for as long as I have own this car. They were already broken when I had bought this car from the previous owner and I just never felt the need to replace them until just recently. Anywho, I wanted to give it a few weeks listening to my speakers and playing a variety of different music from regular American pop, to hip hop and rap, to classical and piano music, all the way up to (or down to) country, trance, techno, solo acoustics, and everything else in between to get a range of what instruments play really clearly and what don’t quite play very clearly. And here are my results.

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When it comes bass, and I mean like most of hip hop and rap’s bass, the DP Audio DS699 speakers play them quite well. Surprisingly well, in fact. Now, to be clear, I don’t have an audiophile’s listening talent or background but I can tell you, by ear, if something sounds clear or something that sounds muffled. By the way, I’m pairing these speakers with my Pioneer MVH-X370BT that I’ve previously reviewed.

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When it comes to guitar riffing like in heavy metal, grunge, or post grunge rock, this is where these speakers kind of fall flat on. These speakers won’t be able to make out every single individual note from every strum of the guitar and/or electric guitar. I’m not saying that it sounds muffled, per se, but for lack of a better word, it sounds “mute” or “flat” like every note is played at the same mid frequency, you know what I mean? It sounds fine for the most part but if you were one of those who live for the individual notes that are played on a guitar of any kind, these speakers will disappoint you. I’m not gonna front. Even I, a casual listener of a variety of music, find it falling flat. My old LG’s OEM headphones playing on my Android phone sound better than these speakers. Granted, these are my rear decks. Maybe the rear decks are not meant to play the mid range frequencies all that well. That’s why I bought the DP Audio DS633 to pair it with the rear deck, which I’ll be reviewing a little later this week or next week.

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Now, when it comes to playing classical music, piano music, or any high pitched (or relatively speaking, high pitched) sounds, it seems to play really, really well. Clear. No distortions unless you raise the volume beyond 40 (maximum is 60+ on my Pioneer head unit; your mileage may vary with your head unit). I’m not entirely sure why these speakers play those high notes well but can’t quite get the mid range frequencies all that well. It certainly boggles my mind.

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It’s important to keep in mind that I’m playing all of my music on stock settings. The only modification that I’ve made is turning on the “Bass Boost” feature that is built into this unit. Bass Boost has three settings: Off, Low, High. I’ve set mine on the “Low” setting. Other than that, everything else is stock.

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For what it’s worth, I think these rear deck speakers are pretty damn good for under $30 a pair. Granted, when I had bought these, I had purposefully waited until a major holiday rolled around so that one of my local electronics stores would have some type of sale. And it would usually be an item that they don’t really sell all that well like these off brands speakers or something that they just happen to have a whole lot on hand. And when I was at Fry’s Electronics on Christmas Eve, boy do they have A LOT of these. I’m talking like a whole shelf all by themselves with maybe a few taken off because some folks wanted to take a chance on these “Made in China” speakers, including yours truly.

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For my needs, I just wanted the most basic set of speakers at the lowest possible cost that could handle about 400 watts worth of power and that I can buy at a brick-and-mortar store the same day without waiting for it in the mail (just in case, if they turn out to be duds, then I can return it to the store for an exchange or refund). Why 400 watts? That’s an arbitrary number that I picked out. My stock Pioneer speakers that came with the car was roughly half of that. I just took that number and multiplied it by 2 and that’s how I got the above number. I sort of figured with these modern head units, it’s going to require at least that much to push out the fullest spectrum of sounds possible. And that’s what I went with.

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For what it’s worth, and for the great quality that these speakers can push out on most instruments minus acoustics and electric guitar type sounds where they fell flat on but still pleasant enough to listen to, I think these cheapo speakers were well worth my money.

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