DP Audio DS633 for under $25

In my last car speaker review, I wrote about the rear deck speakers, the DS699 6×9 speakers that I had bought and installed in my car. This time around, I had bought a pair of speakers to replace the speakers on my front doors. These are 6 1/2 speakers or 6.5″ speakers, depending on how you want to label them.

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First thing off the bat? It’s not as powerful as the rear deck speakers with stock settings on my head unit. Even with Bass Boost, the front speakers weren’t able to generate the deep bass sounds that my rear deck speakers could make. Now, having said that, it might have something to do with where my rear speakers are located. It’s in the rear. It’s in the trunk compartment. There’s more “space” to allow for the expansion of volume as opposed to the front doors where there is little space. Plus, there’s the size of the speaker. The tweeter, speaker, and subwoofer are smaller, by comparison, if only a couple of inches. All of that plays a factor.

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However, despite that being the case, I find that the front speakers were better in producing the higher pitched sounds than my old Pioneer speakers that came with the car was able to produce. So that’s a plus. It’s mostly the deeper sounds that it cannot produce as well. The mid range sounds though? I’ll have to play with my head unit’s settings to see how clear of a sound they can produce. Maybe move the sound more towards the front of the car perhaps or change the EQ settings a bit. In any case, I’ll have to experiment with my head unit to squeeze out the whole spectrum of sounds that my front speakers can possibly produce. But just from a quick test of moving the sound to the front a bit more than the back, I find that the bass was lacking but the mid range frequencies were a bit more clear than the rear speakers but that difference is very nominal. One can barely notice the difference. For me personally? I was paying attention to the acoustic guitar sounds whenever I played a songs from New Age artists like Johannes Linstead, Lawson Rollins, or Ottmar Liebert or the type of rock music characterized by bands like Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, or Five Finger Death Punch. In the former category, I find that the front speakers play the acoustics a bit better (as in, “clearer”) than my stock Pioneer speakers but when it came to the latter category, like the rear deck speakers, the guitar sounds fell flat. The only difference between the rear speakers and front speakers were that the front one’s were able to distinguish “some” of the guitar strumming sounds from, say, the songs played by Godsmack, Pearl Jam, and Alice in Chains, but not so much when it came to songs played by Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, or Five Finger Death Punch.

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When I tried playing trance music, techno, and other electronica type music, the front speakers performed as expected. The sounds were adequate and accurate. Again, bass fell short but otherwise, it was relatively clear. Now, when it came to playing piano music, classical, and other strictly “lighter” instruments with high pitches, this is where the front speakers really excelled as compared to the rear deck speakers. For my test subjects, I played music by solo pianists like Philip Wesley, David Nevue, and Helen Lane Craig. For classical, I played an array of the classics plus some of the more contemporary artists of today. Practically every note was accentuated and they were pleasant to the ears. Not harsh. Not too high pitched to the point that it would your ears when the volume settings are set high enough to hear but not so high that might potentially break or blow out your speakers. This can vary with the head unit you have installed in your car but for my Pioneer unit in my 97 Honda Accord? Wow! Love it! I mean, it has surpassed my expectations of a pair of cheapo speakers and of a name brand I’m not terribly familiar with. Of all the Chinese knock off speakers I’ve considered buying, this DP Audio DS633 6 1/2 speakers definitely performed better than I had expected that it would.

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You can get these speakers at Fry’s whenever they do a sale or you can get it Amazon. Between Fry’s or Amazon, I would choose Fry’s hands down almost all the day just because I can go into a physical store and buy it on the spot for those who live in other states besides California, there may not be a Fry’s or local electronics store that sell these speakers. In which case, I would highly recommend Amazon: DP Audio Video DS633 3-Way 6.5-Inch Car Speakers

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Whichever spot you decide to buy these speakers, I think they are well worth your money. Only thing left is its longevity. I’ve only had these speakers for about a month now and only time will tell if they will last a long time. But at $20 a pair for a new set of speakers, shoot, that’s not a bad price at all to replace, if they do blow out. Plus, if you have an Amazon Visa credit card, it’s all the more reason to purchase these speakers off of Amazon as you get 3x points for any purchases off of Amazon. I just bought these speakers at Fry’s Electronics because it was available the same day and I hate waiting.

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