Seagram’s Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka – A Different Kind of Sweet

So there I was at my local CVS Pharmacy in Lincoln Heights and I see this bottle, this distinctive bottling scheme of Seagram’s signature flavored vodka’s and this bottle was all by its lonesome self. It was the last one on the shelf. Seagram’s Sweet Tea flavored vodka. Now, I said in my head “I like sweet tea. Vodka is a pretty neutral tasting spirit. How bad can it be?”

Here’s what you should expect. It’s a lot like Honey B Boots Honey Whiskey so far as texture is concerned. It’s definitely sweet but I would say that it would be the kind of sickly sweet “level of sweet.” Now for me? I have a sweet tooth. For those of you who have kept up with my past liquor articles, you already know that I love sweet tasting foods and drinks. So if you like cakes, candy bars, soda’s, and all other things that are sweet, you might actually enjoy this bottle of flavored vodka. But, if you’re not the type of person that likes super sweet things, this bottle can be pretty bad. Like Kikkoman Plum Wine bad. (And I like Kikkoman Plum Wine A LOT–precisely because it’s really, really sweet wine).

Here are the positives. It doesn’t burn on entry. And it doesn’t burn when going down the gullet. But you will get that warm sensation in your tummy. It’s actually rather pleasant overall. The mouth feel is a bit on the thicker side. Think liqueur thick but a little bit more thicker, which is why I bring up Honey B Boots Honey Whiskey. The mouth feel is a lot like that. But let’s just say that you haven’t tried that out yet or maybe they ran out at your local CVS. I think the closest comparison that I can think of right now is Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. It has that kind of texture. It’s definitely not cough syrup texture and it’s just a tad bit thicker than ordinary liqueur.

Anywho, I drank it neat. I drank it with ice. I drank it with water added. I drank it with water and ice. The nice thing about Seagram’s Sweet Tea flavored vodka is that when you add ice, it doesn’t bring out the harshness of the vodka. I’ve always been impressed with Seagram’s vodkas in general. This one was no exception. Pretty smooth all around. You can really taste the Sweet Tea flavor when you add ice. Not so much if you drank it straight up without ice or water added. With water added and no ice, it actually mellows out the sickly sweetness that might put off a lot of folks. With water and ice, and you have to find that right ratio, it’s actually pretty pleasant to drink. Now me personally? I like it sweet and strong. So my mixture ratio is something like 4 oz of vodka plus 1.5 oz of water and ice filled to the brim in an old-fashioned glass. Your ratio may be different. It might be half and half. It might be more water than tea. Whatever you decide to go with, understand that this isn’t straight up vodka. The bottle itself even says that it is only 35% alcohol. So that means the other 65% is water and flavoring. And in this case, it would be liqueur (or at least what I believe to be liqueur).

I believe regular price at my local CVS Pharmacy was $12.99 but as you may already know, CVS often times have liquor sales almost every week. And they usually start on a Sunday, oddly enough. So if you plan on trying this out for giggles or for your enjoyment, wait until the end of the week. Between this and Honey B Boots? I would choose Honey B Boots hands down. I know. I know. I’m comparing apples and oranges here. This is flavored vodka and the other is flavored whiskey. But if you’ve even done any type of research on how liquors are produced, every liquor begins as vodka before it ends up in a barrel to be aged for whiskey, or some other process to make gin, brandy, tequila, liqueur, etc, etc. Food for thought.

Now, all things considered, if you mixed in the correct ratio of water to ice, I think this alcoholic beverage can taste just as much as regular sweet tea. And Americans love their sweet tea. Plus, it’d be spiked with alcohol. And what’s not to like about that? For me personally? I probably wouldn’t buy this again but at regular price for $12.99 or the sale price for $9.99, this is a sweet deal for spiked sweet tea all ready made for the most part.

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