Dating In My 30’s

If you’ve been somewhat keeping up with my dating entries, you’d know that there’s this random Facebook gal that I’ve been “sort of” talking to as of late. This gal really strikes me as precisely the sort of immature person that I dislike and would not to get involved with on any serious romantic level. Having said that, there is a kind of charm that these immature people have–>passion and zest for life. I don’t think the more mature (read: cynical) woman has this. At least not in the same likeness as the immature person. The immature person is of the state of mind that everything is an adventure. Yes, even that trip down to the local pharmacy to grab a bottle of water and a bag of chips is an adventure to them. It is precisely this sort of quality that I would like to find in a mature woman but more often than not, the more mature that they are, the more cynical that they are towards life, love, and dating and the higher that their expectations are with respect to material wealth of the guy that they must possess before a date is even possible. It is exactly this weird conundrum that I find myself in now that I’m in my 30’s.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m not rich by an means. But I make enough for my needs, which, compared to most other folks my age, aren’t much. I’m a simple person. Simple things make me happy. A bag of candy given to me by a close friend even if all of them were from a dollar store but was custom made just for me is actually a rather nice gift to me. (Or a bottle of my favorite whiskey, Irish Whiskey, is just as good). It doesn’t really take much to satisfy me in the “material wealth” department. Owning a nice car, a big house, or fancy clothing just isn’t my thing. Not to say that if I was in a situation where I can acquire those things free of charge, that I wouldn’t take it. Actually, I would but those things aren’t really what I’m aiming for. If I get them for free, why not? And if I don’t, it’s not like I really needed a big house, a nice car, or fancy clothing to begin with. In short, nice to have but not necessary in life.

I’m just saying that it would be nice to meet a woman who is just as low maintenance as me and is someone that I can get along with and who has shared interests and views on a variety of things. I don’t think I’m asking for much in a woman. Pretty basic, all things considered. If she can cook, clean, and speak Cantonese, that’s the icing on top but these days, women, especially the young one’s, aren’t brought up that way anymore. Gals in my age range are mostly gold diggers. Gals younger than me largely suffer from Princess Syndrome. And gals older than my age range? Well, the vast majority of them are embittered divorcee’s or embittered newly single ladies who got out of a long-term relationship, both of which aren’t ready for another long-term relationship. So that leaves me with 1) gold diggers of my generation and 2) the princesses/special snowflakes of the younger generation as my dating pool. With those kinds of options, I’d rather not get involved with a woman on any serious long-term relationship level, in all honesty. The best I can hope for is a short-term sexual fling and that’s about it. Even if, let’s just say, I was able to earn a lot of money, that doesn’t change the gold diggers or princesses into marriageable women. They are still gold diggers and princesses at the end of the day. And those princesses are just gold diggers in the making.

Now, I’m talking about this today because I’ve been spending some time thinking about where I can fit a woman, if any, into my life and the more I think about it, the more I realize that attempting to fit a woman into my life is a definite no-go zone. At the most, perhaps an uncomplicated, short-term sexual-only relationship but nothing serious or long-term. I say this because I work full time Monday to Friday and the commuting time takes up most of my free time when I get off of work, which realistically only leaves with an hour or two tops, to unwind and relax. The thought of maintaining a relationship in my “rest and relaxation” time just makes me want to go to bed early instead. I was recalling my earlier conversations with the random Facebook gal who, by the way, officially became my internet girlfriend according to her, is essentially a princess trapped in a 30 year old gal’s body. She is nothing short of annoying and excessively needy. Nothing wrong with the neediness so much as her annoying personality which really drives me up the wall and makes me want to block her on Facebook–but alas, I don’t. She is, at least, somewhat entertaining when I’m utterly bored at work but otherwise, I don’t really talk to her about very much. She mostly just tells me things about her day–yea, like I give a damn. When she’s not doing that, she cries about being fat (she’s actually quite thin), but does nothing about it. Then accuses me of being an asshole for agreeing with her. Everyday for the last couple of months since she “friend requested” me on Facebook has been like that or something akin to that kind of conversation. That’s the annoying part about her that I dislike a lot. Each and every time, I told her that she is free to leave the conversation that she started in the first place any time that she pleases–yet she doesn’t.

And it’s not like I wasn’t trying to make the conversation more about getting to know each other. She’s just apt not to answering any of my questions. So in that respect, I’ve given up on asking. Keep in mind, this bitch messaged me out of the blue through a mutual acquaintance of mine and has since kept messaging me and mostly having a one-way conversation with herself using me as a sounding board for her rants. Then some two months after, she unanimously declared feelings for me and that we’re now a couple. Huh?!? What part of this strikes you as normal? Everything about this strikes me as batshit crazy.

So, if she resembles anything like having a girlfriend right now with my rather limited time to do much of anything, I’d rather not have her in my life.

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