Is Roosh V’s World Gathering Shutdown A Good Thing?

Apparently, this Roosh V guy, creator of the website, had shutdown a world gathering for men to, well, gather together and shoot the breeze and feminists worldwide came down on their monkey asses like the US and the Allies came down on Nazi Germany in the 1940’s during World War II.

This strikes me as one of the biggest and most successful trolling ever done on the internet and that the feminists actually took it seriously. I mean, it garnered worldwide attention, if only briefly. You can simply do a Google search right now and find several articles and news media agencies talking about shutting it down and preventing such a person from entering their country.

As of just a few days ago, this worldwide gathering was, in fact, shutdown by Roosh V for fear of what might happen to said members within said group who gather and talk about women on their website. This, apparently, is some kind of victory that feminists worldwide rejoiced over. This actually happened. One after the next, feminist blogs, media sites, feminist-leaning news agencies, feminist leaning women’s magazines published article after article declaring this a victory for women worldwide. And I’m sitting here thinking, “You know, it could have been just a prank and y’all just fell for it.” Government officials worldwide fell for this shit. I’m serious. You can look it up.

Nevertheless, I think there is an important lesson to be learned from this whole fiasco. Actually, maybe more than just an important lesson. The power of group-think, which is mainstream feminism can be a powerful phenomenon to do good. But it can also be a powerful phenomenon to do a lot of evil because who’s to say what is “good”for society and what is “bad,” you know what I mean? And at this juncture with Roosh V and his article that supposedly condones rape under certain circumstances, which I did take the time to read, by the way, the group-think conglomerate just crushed the opposition in the form of worldwide threat to intervene and harm said group, if they were to form these public gatherings. This should scare you. I’m serious. Just think about it. If this were men who unionized and said to women, “We’re gonna fuck you up, if you gals come together and hold these group gatherings in a public space.” Everyone all over the world will cry out “Tyranny” against those men. But when women do it, such as the case here, it’s “We’re fighting for justice and fairness and equality” and so they are exempted from tyranny status because of it. People forget here that these are real threats of bodily harm. It’s not some internet troll that goes on an online forum and blasts everyone with his or her nasty vitriolic language but real live people recording live on YouTube or on TV that issued these statements that they will bring bodily harm to these men and punish these men to the furthest extent of the law, if they were to come together and meet in a public space. It’s like, you know the shit just got real when real live Prime Ministers, Senators, Governors, Mayors of various countries, cities, and towns announced on live TV or radio or newspaper that they will put a stop to these male gatherings and use the law to the furthest extent against them.

It’s no longer just child’s play when you get government officials and legislators changing laws and using those changed laws to threaten half of the population of the world, of which a quarter or more subscribes to some (but not all) of the points made on the Return Of Kings website.

Feminists are really treading on a dangerous line here–more so now than ever before. They, as a group, are literally a step away from becoming another Nazi Germany. Despite that being the case though, and in light of the recent debates going on in the US between Hillary Clinton’s feminism and Bernie Sanders’s feminism with respect to younger feminists and the whole clusterfuck involving the prominent feminist Gloria Steinem and former Secretary of State Madaleine Albright, there appears to be a very, very small glimmer of hope. As I’m typing this article, the younger feminists are actually rebelling against mainstream feminists. The fragmentation of feminism is accelerating thanks to the Hillary versus Sanders political debates. And it seems like Gloria Steinem’s feminism, aka mainstream feminism, is finally going to be put to rest once and for all by the younger feminists of today once Bernie Sanders get nominated and picked to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for presidency.

But let me back track for a moment. I went on a tangent there to illustrate an important point. The younger feminist generation need to understand that if they partook in the shutting down of Roosh V’s world gathering of men, that they be aware that “with great power, comes great responsibility (and great consequences).” As a group, if they decide to make laws that fundamentally change the social dynamics of relationships between men and women, that they then must deal with the aftermath, however terrible it actually comes out to be, despite their best intentions to create a more egalitarian society. Now, granted, in this specific case against Roosh V, it wasn’t like the feminists made new laws to crush the world gathering of men to take place. No. However, while I understand why they would stand against Roosh V from organizing a world gathering, (rape should never be condoned under any circumstances), one must realize that it’s just one article, written by one man, and for all intents and purposes, it could just be an article of satire. Let me put it this way. I could have written that article and I could have organized such a world gathering where men come together in public spaces to shoot the breeze.And I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have registered as a threat on any feminist’s radar. If anything, I’d be more likely seen as just some random internet crackpot running his mouth. At the most, I might get trolled by a handful of feminists but there wouldn’t be a declaration from real live Prime Ministers, Senators, Mayors, and Governors from global economies declaring to me that they will deport me if I landed in their countries, get arrested and punished to the furthest extent of the law, or get worldwide threat by every feminist on YouTube, news media sites, blogs, and just about any other form of media. That’s going way~~~ over the top, if you ask me, and over some random internet article who just happens to have a sizable chunk of men who agree with some of the points on some of the articles published on that site.

Now me personally? I find his website pretty entertaining. But that’s it. And sure, some of the articles that are published there? I do happen to agree with some of their points but that doesn’t make me a ROK member or a supporter of ROK or Roosh V’s philosophy of life. From an objective standpoint, some of the articles are actually accurate with respect to women and with respect to dating. Those articles on that website? Most of it are the very things that men would talk about with their other male friends when they meet up and shoot the breeze: how to pick up chicks, how to get laid, how to treat a lady, what to do after a one night stand, etc. It’s no different than when women would get together with their girlfriends and talk shit about the terrible dates, awkward conversations, and god awful one night stands that they’ve had to endure with men. It’s the same shit, but from the opposite side of the coin. When the feminists effectively shut down this world gathering of men, not only did they shut down Roosh V’s agenda, which, depending on how you want to view him and the intent of his group gatherings, it also sent out a large, loud, and indirect clarion call to all men, worldwide, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, social or economical background, that women disapprove of men hanging out with each other. You see, Roosh V never actually disclosed what these world gatherings are going to involve, so far as discussions are concerned. For all that anyone knows, it could have well been an ordinary social get together between men of similar values and interests to have a beer and talk sports. But instead, worldwide, feminists assumed that Roosh V’s gathering was intended to build an army of sorts for the purposes of organizing a global rape coalition or something. And that’s pretty much how the rest of the news medias took it when the feminists framed it like that on their websites.

It certainly makes me curious as to what criteria feminists use to determine real threats from satirical threats. Just saying.

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