Vita Frute Cocktails by Veev at CVS

Last week, I had wanted to write another review on another booze item that I had picked out because it was on sale but I had fallen sick all of last weekend so I had to put off this review until this weekend.

Anyway, I was eyeballing the shelves to see what other under $10 bottles of liquor that I can try out and this one caught me at the corner of my eye. It’s called Vita Frute Cocktails. Now, I like cocktails. And I like Margaritas. I know, I know. It’s not exactly a “man’s drink” but as you may already know, I like sweet things. And Margarita’s, if mixed correctly, can be a nice sweet tooth fix. The only issue (or rather concern) I have with this bottle is that it claims to be a cocktail that uses “organic acai spirits” and “premium” tequila with lemon & lime juice and agave.

What does ‘organic’ acai spirits even mean? Hell, what does organic mean in the context of liquor? Putting all that aside though, upon my first sip, the very first thought that shot to the top of my mind was this: “It tastes like a bottle of Boone’s Farm.” For those of you who don’t know what Boone’s Farm is, it’s basically carbonated wine with fruity flavors added. Or, the poor man’s booze. The alcohol content in a bottle of Boone’s Farm is really low: 7.5% ABV in a standard wine bottle size: 750 ml. This Vita Frute Cocktail, on the other hand, is 15% ABV. The taste is very distinct. It’s like sucking on a really ripe grape. It’s kind of a sharp tart flavor, which, I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan of tarty flavors in general. I like sour things just not ‘tart’ sour, you know what I mean? The good news is that you won’t taste any kind of alcohol or feel any kind of burn (on entry or going down the gullet) as is common with cheap tequila but the smell is there when you first crack open the bottle. The bad news is, well, it’s very tarty. Some might call that “refreshing,” “crisp,” or “clean” like these bloggers: Life of a Southern Mom, Nom Nom Crunch, and Parsimonious Pash but I wouldn’t use those adjectives to describe this bottle of liquor. Granted, it’s not like biting into a fresh lime “tart,” but it’s more like biting into a fresh green apple “tart.” And that’s with the ice. I had not chilled the bottle beforehand though. The bottle was stored at room temperature and I had shook the bottle real good to get the contents all mixed up inside too. Maybe it wouldn’t be so tart if the bottle itself was chilled like this article at Daily Two Cents had remarked that they had chilled the bottle beforehand before serving. The tarty flavor does mellow out, if you let the ice melt a bit. I personally think it tastes a lot better and more balanced, if you allow the ice to melt a bit. And what I found a bit surprising about this cocktail is that it’s not overly sweet but when you let the ice melt a bit, you can taste the sweet flavor a bit more. It’s not syrupy at all. It’s really rather pleasant, if I do say so myself. I guess that’s thanks to the agave, which apparently, is a kind of natural sweetener.

And upon further research, apparently, this brand, Veev, had tried to churn out their brand of liquor since 2010 but pulled out of the market because they didn’t do so well with the younger crowd. Then they came back and re-branded themselves as Vita Frute Cocktails. That’s never a good sign but at the same time, it might just have been poor marketing. Who knows?

At CVS, they were selling this bottle and their lemonade flavor at $6.97 a bottle when it’s on sale. Regular price, if I recalled correctly, was $12.99. At regular price, I definitely wouldn’t purchase this again. It’s not worth it, especially when the taste comes so close to a Boone’s Farm. I would rather buy myself two bottles of Boones Farm at $3.39 a pop at my local Smart & Final supermarket and chug those to get a nice buzz. But okay, maybe this cocktail wasn’t meant to be drunk for the sake of getting drunk. Maybe this drink is meant for a social setting. Maybe it’s meant to be enjoyed casually. But the thing is, there are plenty of other pre-made mixed drink options that you can choose like several brands of wine coolers: B&J, Arbor Mist, and any of a number of other brands that do something quite similar but the taste factor is far superior. Granted, those others use artificial sweeteners, and this one uses all natural sweeteners, so if that’s a concern, I can see where this cocktail might fit in. It’s namely for those folks who are diet nuts and fitness nuts who are weight and nutrition-conscious. But I don’t.know. It just feels like a contradiction to make liquor “healthy.” Liquor isn’t healthy. Period. You drink liquor or cocktails for the buzz and for the social atmosphere. You drink liquor to get away from work, or drama, or whatever it is you’re going through, if only temporarily. You drink to unwind and relax. That’s the whole point of drinking liquor. That’s the whole point of drinking in general: to socialize, to get away from your troubles, to relax, etc.

For the first time ever since I started writing reviews about under $10 liquors, this is one where I wouldn’t really recommend buying unless you fit in a very particular niche group of people: the fitness nut, the weight conscious, the nutrition conscious, or the diet nut. If you had to buy it though, buy it for the novelty factor. It’s something new (or relatively new), it’s relatively cheap (if it goes on sale at CVS),  and it’s pre-made ready-to-drink right out of the bottle. Or buy it, if you’re simply too lazy or don’t have the time to mix up a real Margarita. That’s the only thing that I can think of that this bottle will actually serve a purpose. Alternatively, if you don’t particularly like Boone’s Farm or any of the other wine coolers, this can be substituted in their place. But again, me personally? I would choose Real Sangria, or Boone’s Farm, or any of a number of wine cooler’s to take its place for about the same price and alcohol content plus, the taste factor would be similar, if not, superior to this bottle. But hey, maybe it’s just this particular flavor from Vita Frute that wasn’t all that great.

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