Technology, Women’s Nature, & The Counter Cultures

Lately, I’ve been watching this Youtube channel named Sandman and he’s a MGTOW. He just happens to lay on the more extreme end of this sort of counter culture backlash to the feminist ideologue perpetrated in media and various other channels. The reason being that I want to learn the darker sides of this group of people, where they stand on women’s issues, and attempt to understand where they are coming from. You might recall that I wrote a couple of articles about MGTOW a long while back and have since stopped writing about them because around that time, I was knee deep into it and couldn’t really see much except all the negativity emanating from these people and/or people who agree with them.

From time to time, I like to get knee deep and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes, so to speak, but after a while, it’s a complete drain on my mental stability so I decided to stop.

After I had allowed some time to pass and for me to focus on other things, I decided to get back into it with fresh eyes. Now, I see this group in a different way. Before, it was mostly out of curiosity and I was searching for some answers to some questions I had in my mind at that point of my life with respect to women and what’s been going on in today’s culture with women. Women behaving in certain unusual ways and virtually unregulated, if not, outright encouraged by society and buttressed by government agencies and non-profit organizations. Now, I see this group as a source of useful information to stay up to date with what’s been happening in our society. You see, I’m not terribly active with the online world even though I’m on it about 90% of the time. I don’t regularly interact with other people in online forums unless I’m looking for something specific or I just want to try my hand at debating interesting topics like I always do. Otherwise, I spend most of my time on the internet doing other things besides socializing.

To me, socializing should be done in the real world with real people rather than behind a computer screen. It’s a dinosaur (or old-fashioned) approach but every year since I’ve gotten older and have slowly moved away from what I grew up with as a youth and being socially awkward (I still am, to an extent) chatting with people in online chat rooms and later on via instant messenger as well as online forums, I sort of hit this strange wall where I want to revert back to more traditional means of communication. I find that utterly strange and bizarre, you know what I mean? Back when I was younger and had first gotten a computer for the very first time in the late 90’s, which was a big deal back then when PC’s were super expensive, the internet was slowly becoming the next new fad besides the cell phone industry booming. Those were the days when free internet from NetZero and Juno via the classic “dial-up 56K modem” (and yes, I do remember when modems were at slower speeds: 14.4K, 28.8K, and 33.6K respectively) was a thing and Napster and IRC were the hottest programs to date.

Back then, due to being socially awkward, talking via AOL Instant Messenger was all the rage. And then when we couldn’t talk online, we would meet each other in school (as in high school) or some public place and talk. It was a perfect blend of online and offline communication that helped me become less socially awkward and helped me become more socially adjusted to talking to people. Combine that with the use of landline telephones which was, for a very long time, the only means of communication when one was at home and before the computer boom in the mid to late 90’s, I definitely had ways to help me grow into a more balanced person to function in everyday society. So yes, I grew up using a traditional landline phone as a means of communication with friends in my elementary and middle school years. It felt all too natural when the computer came out and AOL Instant Messenger was the next “new way” of communicating with someone via the use of a keyboard and mouse. Exciting, to say the least. It was totally normal and acceptable amongst youths to use these new technologies to talk with each other. We used technology as an extension of ourselves, not as a substitute for real human communication. That’s how it was back then. Nowadays, it’s different. Youths only a few years younger than me virtually grew up “online” and have almost no real social interaction outside of technology. So they freak out when things inevitably don’t work out like they do in online gaming and commit mass murder in real life.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not blaming videogames for real world crimes. In fact, there are very little substantial statistics to back that claim. I’m just saying that unlike my youth where technology was used as an extension of myself, in today’s culture, it’s more like a direct substitution for real world human interaction. As a result, it’s not very surprising to me that women freak out when I reject them in real life when we get along so well in the online world. Well, actually, I take that back. There were a couple of instances back then just a few years ago where this very thing happened to me and it took me by surprise, which led me to question women’s nature and made me look for answers as to this strange phenomenon that I’ve never experienced prior to that point in time. But afterward, I’ve learned to understand that youths just 2 or more years younger than me are probably not as socially adjusted as me as I grew up in a time period when using technology interchangeably with real human interaction was considered normal and acceptable. It was considered socially acceptable to use real world human interaction when appropriate and then use calling, texting or online messaging, when in person interaction wasn’t convenient. Now, it’s different. Now, if you don’t use technology as a primary means of communication, you’re the socially maladjusted person. You’re the black sheep. You’re the outcast. Fancy that. (And if you’ve been reading my previous articles, the use of digital communication as a primary means of interacting between people is actually a byproduct of an umbrella effect, which is feminism seeping into every avenue of life–literally: from your dating, to your work, to your friendships, and just about any other human interaction. Like it or not, feminism is here to stay, especially when they’ve surgically attached themselves to just about every facet of life and continue to demand more).

Please bear in mind now that when I speak about this, I don’t mean that this also applies to the older generations. In fact, the older generations are getting along just fine and dandy, “business as usual” in their day to day lives as if none of this feminist propaganda means anything to them. But amongst teens, 20’s, and 30’s folks? The above explanation is more or less the norm. Sure, there are mini communities and social bubbles where you will find lots of exception to this rule but if hasn’t become the norm yet, it’s certainly increasing its market presence exponentially.

That being said, the MGTOW online groups that can be found at and various other places like Reddit can be a source of useful information with respect to what’s been going on with women, society, and the latest and greatest feminist debacles and/or triumphs going viral. But to be fair, you shouldn’t just rely on these websites for your information. I would actively encourage my readers to search other people’s online blogs and read about their dating lives and see how they deal with the fairer sex as well as the other way around, with how women coming of age deal with the male gender. Analyze their stories and see if there’s some kind of trend going on. I certainly see a number of alarming trends going on. A word of caution though. Don’t fall into that infamous trap of confirmation bias. If you look hard and long enough, I’m sure you’ll find evidence to support whatever crazy conspiracy theories you might have in your head but to have a more accurate picture of reality, you’re gonna want to read everything. Namely, read a little bit in the feminist camp, a little bit in the MGTOW camp, a little bit in the general manosphere camp, the PUA camp, and everything else in between those extremes to get as accurate of a picture as you can. That’s been my approach to these touchy topics and I think you should do that too.

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