Bud Ice – Cheap $1.89 Malt Liquor at Smart and Final

As you may know, lately, I’ve switched gears and have started to write more beer reviews except the part where just a couple of weeks ago, I sort of just dropped off the face of the planet. The reason being that my current job at the time was eating into all my free time to write booze reviews. Now, that job had recently let me go because I wasn’t a good fit for the company. So here I am. Back on my blog to write more reviews. This was actually a review I had been dragging my feet on as I simply didn’t have any free time to write this. In fact, this plus three other reviews for three different beers that I have since tried were meant to be written but I never got around to them.

Of the three from before, they included: Staropramen Czech Lager, Hinano Tahitian Premium Lager, and Tusker Beer. And now, I’ve had the chance to try out Bud Ice. You would think that Bud Ice should have been one of the very first beers as a youth but alas, that was not the case for me. In fact, my very first beer was actually a Miller Genuine Draft whose taste that I didn’t care much for. I had that one at a friend’s wedding at the ripe old age of 18. Yea, I wasn’t one of those kids growing up in the hood where having my first drink of alcohol was 14 or younger, even if it is fairly common, but I digress.

In this review, I’m just going to quickly run through the previous three beers really quick. These three beers were bought from the retail chain Bevmo, by the way. I went to the Glendale location as this store is the closest to where I live besides the one in the city of Pasadena, which is kind of out of my way. Anyway, on the whole, I found that of the three, Staropramen Czech Beer was the best of the three different imported beers. It wasn’t terribly bubbly and it had smooth and clean taste. There was a bit of a hop flavor to it but the feeling of it didn’t linger at all, which can be good or bad, depending on what you like. Unlike previous beer reviews, this one did not skunk up when the beer reached room temperature. In fact, its smell remained remarkably the same all throughout. Hints of grain, hops, and something else that I can’t seem to make out. It’s not a bad smell at all. But the smell of beer is never something that really occurs to me when drinking beer until I come across a beer that smells pretty bad, whether cold or at room temperature. Pabst Blue Ribbon comes immediately to mind when I think about a beer that skunks up once it reaches room temperature.

Tusker Beer was, by far, the least remarkable beer of the three. Why? Because it tasted too similar to a regular Budweiser. I hate to compare Tusker Beer to a regular Bud but that’s exactly what it tasted like. The only main difference that I can tell between the two is that the Tusker Beer didn’t skunk up when it reached room temperature where as a Bud would. Other than that, there really wasn’t anything terribly remarkable that I recalled about this beer. Easy to drink and fairly smooth but it didn’t really taste like anything. I wouldn’t really compare this to a Bud Light or a Coors Light as both of those have some kind of watered down beer flavor but Tusker Beer was definitely just one of those imported beers that had a pretty neutral flavor and that wasn’t just carbonated water.

Hinao Tahitian beer, on the other hand, had a rather unique taste to its flavor profile. It tasted a lot like a French Roast coffee, if only briefly before it goes down and gives you this nutty flavor. Interesting in and of itself but the flavors don’t linger. It’s like you taste it at the back of your mouth and then it disappears. Then as the beer travels down your throat, you suddenly get this nutty flavor in your mouth and that itself dissipates just as quickly. Between the three, I would definitely rank this one second place for sure. And between Staropramen and Hinao Tahitian beer, I would actually choose to buy this one over Staropramen even though I would rank the latter beer first between these three imported beers overall. The only real downside that I noticed about the Hinao Tahitian beer is that when it reached room temperature, there was this strange sourness that came to the forefront. I’m not sure what to make of it as this sourness is not all that terribly offensive but it may just come out of left field, if you weren’t sure that this beer had this characteristic.

Finally, I can write about Bud Ice. I’ve actually done a bit of research into Bud Ice and it seems like it is unanimously voted by beer experts and the average beer drinker that this is the worst malt liquor of the “ice beers” that you can possibly buy. I’m not sure why that’s the case but then again, this is my first “ice beer” and I haven’t had the chance to try out other ice beers yet. But on first impression, I actually found this beer rather drinkable. Not easy or smooth, but still for the most part, drinkable. It’s best not to try to taste this beer as it has a fairly horrible taste. Nevertheless, I would say at about the third or fourth gulp, you stop noticing this horrible flavor as your mouth and tongue become numb. This ice beer is rated at 5.5% ABV, by the way, which is actually a whole percentage higher than the garden variety beer but based on my research, Bud Ice has, by far, the lowest ABV of all the ice beers available on the market. But hey, for $1.89 at Smart and Final for a 32 oz bottle? It’s hard to complain. That’s the equivalent of two pints at about a buck per pint. I would definitely buy this again, if I wanted a quick buzz. Other than that, I wouldn’t attempt to drink this for its “taste factor” because it’s simply not there.

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