Warsteiner German Pilsner Beer

Admittedly, I had forgotten about this German beer that had been sitting in my fridge drawer ever since I bought it some three weeks back. I bought it from BevMo. And this BevMo is the one from the Glendale location. And the funny thing is, I didn’t realize that the “best by” date is long overdue. Mar 2016. So the taste of this beer might be a bit off.

Nevertheless, I found that this beer is rather clean tasting upon the first sip but that there’s this dark taste that is rather more pronounced as it goes down the gullet. This is odd for a pilsner. Granted, I’m no professional pilsner drinker but most pilsners I’ve had tended to be more on the hoppy side. Maybe not hop heavy but you can tell the difference between a typical domestic beer (Bud, Coors) which utterly lacks hops from an imported one that has a more hoppy flavor profile. This one though has the texture of the typical pilsner but the taste of a dark beer, which again, is a bit odd. Not odd in a bad way. Just that it wasn’t what I expected from a German pilsner.

Please take note again that this is an expired beer so that might have something to do with it. Nevertheless, I found that the carbonation is on the lighter side like most imported beers I’ve tried thus far.  The interesting thing is that it doesn’t skunk up when it reaches near room temperature. And there’s this distinct sourness towards the end once you’ve swallowed the beer and the “after flavors” kick in. Not sure how else to put it but it leaves behind a bit of a sourness. (Again, this might just be because it’s an expired beer).

Good news is that despite it being expired, it doesn’t leave behind a sticky residue on your lips, which is a nice change in pace. And the same would be true for your mouth. But it does leave behind that dark flavor that I can’t quite make out. I would liken it to the same dark roast taste of a french roast coffee. Again, it’s not bad but if you don’t like the flavor of a french roast coffee sitting in your mouth long after the beer has gone down the gullet and long after you’ve tasted its flavor profile, this could be a turn off. Me personally though? I don’t mind it.

All things considered, I would love to have another taste of this beer when it isn’t expired to really get the full scope of its flavor profile. And even in its expired state, I find that the beer is still quite pleasant overall. It’s not very hoppy, if at all, for a pilsner but if anything, that dark flavor definitely seems to be the highlight of this pilsner. For under $3 at BevMo when it goes on sale, I’d buy it again. But I wouldn’t buy it again at its regular retail price which is just a little above $3 (I want to say $3.39 or $3.49) for a pint. Amongst all the imported beers I’ve tried thus far, this one should be placed on your list of beers to try, if you have nothing else to try or if you’re shooting for something that would surprise you in a rather unexpected way like it did me.

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