5 Creative Ways To Use An Air Mover

1. Cooling the computer server room

Suppose for a moment that you work in a tech company (or if you have your own server room at home), instead of turning on the AC to keep the servers cool, you can use a string of air movers strategically placed around the room to keep the air well ventilated. This is especially useful when your server room has no windows or vents to let hot air out of the room. Using air movers to keep the air circulating will reduce the overall

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2. Cooling down a hot car or truck

When you’re working on your car, sometimes, it helps if the engine is cooled down so you can access certain parts within the engine bay without getting burned. You can use air movers to cool down the engine bay by pointing the air movers diagonally up on the underside of the car.

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3. Cooling the horse stables (or barnyard house)

If you own a barnyard or horse stables, you can protect your farm animals from heatstroke by having a series of air movers placed within the barn to keep the air well circulated. Or, if your furry friends happened to have taken the #2 for the day and simply don’t have time to get around to cleaning their living space, this will keep the stinky air from being concentrated in one area. This will make cleaning their living space a lot less stressful and less pleasant smelling at the same time.

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4. Drying your wet laundry

You might one of those families that can’t justify using a dryer to dry your clothes so you hang them out on a sunny day and let nature take its course to dry your clothes through direct sunlight and wind. You can speed up the drying process by using air movers to simulate directed wind at your clothes to speed up the drying process (along with the help of natural sunlight).

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5. Spreading your air refresher

Maybe you recently bought one of those air refreshers at your local discount store and it isn’t spreading nearly as far as you would like it to. You can use an air mover to help circulate the refresher more evenly so that no matter where you are in your room, you can smell a fresh morning breeze in every part of your room.

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