Feminism And The Workforce

I’ve been spending some time looking up feminism on the World Wide Web and I noticed this article by Forbes, a highly unusual magazine to write about feminism, by the way. And to sum it up in a nutshell, it’s basically glorifying feminism in the business world. And it uses a couple of successful businesswomen to illustrate what they’ve done that is somehow ‘distinctly’ feminist in nature and thus are deserving to be on a magazine column to tell the world that this is how they are paving the way or giving birth to different forms of feminism as well as glorifying it all at the same time.

The article itself is quite unremarkable and you can read it yourself by clicking here: How Successful Businesswomen Are Redefining Modern Feminism

And I say that it is quite unremarkable because among the various other websites that are out there doing the exact same thing, one more popping up on the internet and for that matter, on Forbes, is just another blip on the radar when there are so many other blips popping up at the same time.

Here’s the part of the article that I found most interesting:

“There are times when I’m in the room and I am the minority,” added Hauser, referring to being a senior partner in an industry that is still heavily male-dominated. “It’s hard not to think about that when you are one of the few women, but for me it’s all about adding value.”

Now why do I find this passage the most interesting? It’s not necessarily what she said or how she said it but this passage does illustrate a point that most people would not have likely noticed. And that is the part where she said that the industry is still heavily male-dominated. Now, you may be thinking, “That’s not new news. This has always been the case and that’s why we need feminism!” 1) Slow down. 2) Let me elaborate.

There are always going to be industries where more of one gender will likely dominate than the other and for good, valid, and legitimate reasons at that. The healthcare industry and all its myriad of constituents are more likely going to be dominated by females than males. The construction and oil drilling industries are more likely going to be dominated by males than females. That’s just how it is at present. Not that it can’t change or that it won’t change but again, that’s the current make-up within those respective industries. And now that MGTOW has actually hit the mainstream audience considering that it was only a fringe phenomenon not that long ago, literally within the last decade, and suddenly shot to the top and keeps shooting into greater and greater heights in just the past two years, it won’t be long when more and more women enter into these industries by the tens of thousands when the older baby boomers retire from said industries or die off due to old age or other ailments. Then with the younger generation of men, the Millenial generation included, going MGTOW or “checking out of society” at such a rapid pace, women of this generation and the next generation will have virtually no obstacles whatsoever barring them from entering these ‘traditionally’ male-dominated industries.

In fact, it can be argued that not only will it be virtually obstacle-free to enter these venture capitalist private equity industries as per the linked article but it would also be true for construction, oil drilling, and the military as well, which if you’ve been keeping up with the news with respect to the military, all combat roles have been officially opened up to women. And there are even incentives to encourage and promote women to participate in said combat roles, most notably, infantry. Just to go on a tangent for a moment, interestingly enough, there weren’t tens of thousands of women eagerly waiting to sign up for combat roles, especially infantry, for that matter. In fact, since it had opened up, and based on what I’ve read around the internet, less than 1% has signed up or opted to switch to infantry, and only a measly 1-5% of existing women in their MO’s decided to switch to a ‘combat role,’ but even then, not a ‘real combat role.’ Rather, it’s like an auxiliary combat support role like combat medics who are basically the doctors who tend to wounded soldiers behind enemy lines rather than at the front.

The crucial thing I wanted you, my dear reader, to take notice here is that there will come a point when women will, in fact, take over the workforce and become the majority across all sectors and industries. Certainly, they won’t completely replace the workforce but they will certainly and increasingly dominate all the traditionally male dominated industries from just a few decades ago. And at this pace, I think it will likely be here within the next decade or so. And when you think about it, this has to be the case, if men are, in fact, checking out of society in the numbers that they are at present with the Millenial generation and the new generation coming of age. If you take a look at the labor force make-up in Scandinavia, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and other such countries where the supposed “gender gap” in workplace gender quality has been closed in more recent years (thanks to feminism dominating most of the major spheres of influence in those countries), you can begin to see why this will be the natural progression for the United States when it comes to the overall shift in the workforce make-up in the coming years. Like it or not, that’s just how it’s going to go. Men’s work alone won’t be enough to support a relationship, much less a family, thus women will have to step up their game and replace those open spots in the workforce that men would have traditionally taken up to “balance out” the relationship or family, if they were to have children down the line.

It’s basically a butterfly effect by feminism. One small tweak in the society’s cultural norms creates a tidal wave of changes, some are intended while most of them are unintentional, negative side effects of such a change. It is definitely going to suck for a lot of women seeking a more “traditional” sort of partnership with their men, if they are straight, or with women, if they are gay/lesbian. Undoubtedly. Meanwhile, as an additional and unfortunate side effect of such a shift in the workforce, there will also be a sudden and sharp increase in single mothers with children because, well, biology. From a biological standpoint, if the men in their lives are not being very productive members in a partnership, the female will likely just leave the non-productive member and go off on their own to raise their children by themselves with the help of the federal government. Less stress, less opportunity cost, and more control of their lives and the outcomes, ultimately.

The only way I can see a way out of this at present is unfortunately something many women will find it really hard to swallow. For one thing, there’s no way in hell that women can turn the tides of feminism to a more traditional “middle ground.” And for a second thing, there’s no way in hell that men can turn the tides of MGTOW/Men’s Rights/Pick Up Artists/Red Pill Culture back to a more traditional “middle ground.” The laws have already been changed to reflect the new world order and the societal & cultural norms have already been drilled deeply into the psyche of all women and men for the present Millenial and new generations coming of age everywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

The way out of this situation is this: Women will have to start getting used to the idea that single motherhood is normal, that she’ll have to bust her ass at work to make a living, and that the most she can expect from the other half of the gender is solely a form of entertainment and sexual release. No such partnership or relationship in any long-term sense should be expected.

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