Interesting Trends on Elite Daily & Thought Catalog

If you take a moment and scroll through last week’s worth of articles written by the authors of Elite Daily, you might notice an interesting trend. Lack of articles about dating and marriage. And then if you took a moment and scroll through last week’s worth of articles written by the authors of Thought Catalog, you might notice that a lot of the articles have been talking about love and sex. Now, if you decided to take a look at the comments section on what little dating and marriage articles there are on in the recent week on Elite Daily and the boatloads of articles about love and sex on Thought Catalog, you might begin to realize the horrifying situation: there’s a lack of men commenting on either subject matters.

This might be one of those cases where the numerous of men who have touted in the past that they will unfollow said group that annoys them to no end but still pop in every once in a while to drop their two cents might have actually taken their own advice and have officially left but I don’t think that’s the case. I think it is just more evidence that men are aware of the whole sham behind falling in love and getting married and have decided to opt out of it all. And even more intriguing here is that almost none of them are getting baited into the discussions that the predominantly female writers on both Elite Daily and Thought Catalog have been writing articles for.

And then I see this article that recently popped on my Facebook: “Why Men Turn Women Down” and surprisingly, not a single man has jumped into the fray known as the “comments section” and decried unfairness or stereotyping. Nothing but crickets for as long as the article has gone live on their website or on the Facebook feed. But it doesn’t stop there. Oh no. If you take some time to scroll through all of the most recent articles in the past month on both Elite Daily and Thought Catalog, you might begin to see another interesting trend even if it has been going on for a long while now. And that is that 99% of the articles are written by women about women finding more heartbreak than any actual love when they put themselves out there in the dating scene. Whew! Mind blown, right?

Okay, maybe not, but if it’s not about heartbreak, it’s about the mind-blowing sex that they just had with a fuckboy (AKA what us old folks call “players”). And these articles keep alternating back and forth between what women perceived as love (the great sex) but ended up as heartbreak or just expressing the joys of mind-blowing sex over and over again in as many different ways as it can be said. And again, in the comments section, not a single man has chimed in to say their piece while every woman who has been met with heartbreak immediately jump in to agree and tag one or several of their female friends all at once so they can all agree with each other and mope and have a pity party together on the thread.

All things considered though, on the one hand, I’m not surprised that this is happening, especially considering what I’ve been writing about is slowly becoming true as time passes. But then on the flip side, it’s like “Oh, so you’re giving up already? Equality bested you again in the battlefield known as dating huh? Oh boo-hoo to you.” Suck it up, girl! These are the new dating realities where all the power are now in your hands and it’s now your job to step up and take all the risks where as previously, these were traditionally the gender roles that men were responsible for in the past but thanks to changing social and cultural norms with the rise and dominance of feminism in western society, that’s not our job anymore. In fact, for the sake gender equality, men are going to continue to keep this new status quo in place for at least another decade, if not, for several generations to come.

Only way out of this is for women to start owning up to their terrible decision-making and really start taking the driver’s seat in the dating scene on a more serious level. And not saying it to “save face” in front of your female cohorts but still relying on good old-fashioned dating rules from a few decades back that no longer apply in today’s western society.

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