Tucher Dunkels Hefe Weizen – A Sour Tasting Wheat Beer

I wouldn’t say that I’m a big fan of Hefe Weizen in general but I also say that I hate it either. When it comes Hefe Weizen, I would say that I’m pretty indifferent about it. Other than it tasting “cloudy” and having a pretty distinct sourness to its flavor profile, a typical hefe or “wheat beer” isn’t all that appealing to me.

That’s pretty much how I feel about Tucher Dunkel’s Hefe Weizen. But hey, you might say, “Why did you buy a wheat beer while knowing full well that you’re quite indifferent to it?” And that, my dear readers, is that it was on sale. Bear in mind again that I’m trying out all sorts of alcohol from the bottom shelf. Whether they be beers, liquor, or wine. The point of this blog was to try out all the bottom shelf booze and see which one’s you should definitely buy or which one’s you should pass on, despite what any other websites might claim. I am but one individual and certainly my palate does not represent everyone. Nevertheless, it’s my take on said alcohol and if you’ve found it useful, then I’ve done my job on this front. That’s the way I see it. Plus, I like drinking and it’s been one of the things on my bucket list to try out every beer that’s ever been made anywhere in the world.

The alcohol content of this hefe weizen is a bit lower than the previous two beers I’ve tried thus far. It’s at 5.2% ABV. But it’s still higher than the equivalent domestic beer. And no, Shock Top isn’t all that great as a hefe weizen.

Unlike the last two beers I’ve tried, this one has a bit more body to it than the last two. In other words, the mouth feel is “thicker” I suppose one can say. It’s still very drinkable but there’s this distinct sourness to it that seems pretty inherent in all of the hefe weizen I’ve had on the state side, which again, all things considered isn’t that much. I’m not a hefe weizen expert. Hell, I’m not even a beer expert, for that matter, but I’ve certainly tried out a number of beers thus far. And most of the time, I didn’t know it was a hefe weizen until someone pointed it out to me. Usually, hefe weizen beer tend to be “cloudy” in appearance. Meaning, when you pour this in a clear tall glass, that the contents isn’t “clear” like you would be able to see through to the other side of the glass.

Like all of the other imported beers I’ve tried thus far, the carbonation is barely noticeable. This beer does leave behind a pretty noticeable residue on one’s lips. It’s sticky but not unpleasant. Just sticky. That’s all. And like the previous Polish beer, Okocim, this one also leaves behind a rather unpleasant smell when it hits room temperature. It’s not skunky, per se, but it definitely smells different than when it was cold. Plus, after the beer has gone down the gullet, there’s this odd kind of acidity that you feel on the outer most parts of your mouth. You might find it a bit off-putting but for me, it’s fine yet somewhat odd for a hefe weizen. And then if you take a mouthful of this beer while breathing air through your mouth, there’s this metallic taste that you might notice when you’ve had one too many Splenda packets poured into your coffee or cup of water.

Please bear in mind that I’m Chinese and my taste buds can detect metallic flavors in sugar substitutes. If you’re not Chinese, you might not have this problem.

On the whole though, like Okocim, I probably wouldn’t be buying this beer again. Not a fan of hefe weizen mostly because of its sourness and acidity plus it doesn’t go down as smoothly as other types of beer, dark or light.

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