Tucher Kristall Weizen – Yet Another Sour Beer

If Tucher does one thing right, it’s that they make some really sour tasting beer. It’s not as sour as sour candy, per se, but it may as well be like drinking sour candy but in a bottle and quite fizzy at that. I think that this is, by far, one of the more fizzy imported beers I’ve ever had since I started trying out imported beers. And on that note, I may as well point out that maybe weizen beer just isn’t for me. My Asian tongue just doesn’t seem all that receptive to this type of beer. I’ll give out one caveat though. There’s no “best by” date on this bottle. All the other imported bottles I’ve bought from Bevmo so far has a “best by” date that tells me what to expect. This one, for all I know, could be older than a year and hence the reason why the taste of this beer is particularly sour.

Nevertheless, I’d say that between the previous Tucher beer I’ve had, this one is a couple of steps above in the sour department. Literally, within the first sip, this wave of sourness, like lemon sour, hits all your taste buds at once. And then as the sourness dissipates and most of the beer has gone down the gullet, you start noticing some spicy notes that is just barely present. It’s there though. I’m not sure what to make of it but sour and spicy is definitely not what I’d expect from a beer. The good news is that the mouth feel is surprisingly light for a wheat beer. Most wheat beers I’ve had so far has a much ‘thicker’ mouth feel. That, in and of itself, isn’t so bad but is something worth noting if you’ve had a number of wheat beers in the past prior to this beer.

Another thing I’ve noticed is this strange bitterness that you feel on the outer most parts of your tongue and side palate. It tastes sort of like a really ripe lemon peel but it could well be some other type of citrus-y fruit peel. It’s fairly easy to drink after a few sips of this but the initial one or two sips will be rather strange at first. I think on the whole, I like the Tucher Dunkel Weizen better than this Kristall Weizen mostly because the sourness isn’t nearly as pronounced as this one. Thankfully, neither the sourness nor the spicy notes really linger for long. Maybe about five seconds and then they quickly dissipate. The spicy notes does sort of linger on the middle and tip of your tongue for a bit but it’s not an unpleasant feeling.

All in all, I don’t think I can recommend this beer. Maybe it’s just me and my tastes buds but I’m not entirely partial towards sour tasting beer. It’s not bad if done right to balance it out but I feel like this particular Tucher Kristall Weizen beer didn’t really do that.

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