You Should Skip Eppa Supra Fruta Sangria

Eppa Supra Fruta Sangria was on sale at BevMo for $9.99 a couple of weeks ago and based on my research, this bottle of sangria wine is also part of 5 cent deal, if you bought a second bottle of this. I was debating between buying a second bottle for 5 cents but decided not to. In hindsight of that decision, I was glad that I had skipped on buying a second bottle because, as it turns out, this bottle of sangria wasn’t as good as the labeling makes it out to be.

That same week, I had been buying up some more beer to try out and to write reviews for but sadly, I haven’t had the time to get around to them. Of those that I bought, tried, and have yet to write a review is the Hofbrau Munchen and the Paulaner Salvatore Double Bock, both of which I had positive experience with. I’ll be buying them again next week to officially write a review on them so please stay tuned.

As for Eppa Sangria? Honestly, I was expecting more out of it. Given its labeling which made it seemed like it was going to be a pretty sweet sangria with strong notes of citrus-y fruits, I was baffled when it wasn’t as sweet as I thought it was going to be and that the citrus-y taste practically overwhelms everything. I mean, it’s a bit too much citrus flavor that rather than masking the poor quality red wine that was used, it actually made it more pronounced that it was a really poor quality red wine used. To put it plainly, it was very acidic and citrus-y. I found it difficult to enjoy. Making sure it’s chilled with ice sort of cut some of that overly acidic taste but not enough, in my opinion.

And if you read the label, it says that it’s normal for some “sediment” at the bottle of your drink. Sediment. That bottle actually said sediment. In layman terms, it means that you’ll find some random dirt particles at the bottom of each pour. That’s bad. Not only is it bad but I’ve choked on some of it as I was trying to sip on it. At first, when I noticed some rough “bits” in my drink, I thought it was the ice that had chipped away when I was drinking it but no. As it turns out, it’s actually real live black dirt. No kidding. I think that “sediment” is actually part of the reason why it tastes nothing quite like a sangria. It’s basically really shitty and young red wine with lots of citrus-y flavoring added on top with a bunch of dirt at the bottom. But okay, maybe a bunch might be exaggerating it a bit but there was a pretty noticeable amount of dirt that was collecting at the base of my cup when I was done drinking. And if there was any sweetness to this wine, I certainly didn’t taste it. The dirt pretty much covered that part up as well.

I’d rather pay for two bottles of Real Sangria at $4.99 a bottle than buy one bottle of this Eppa Supra Fruta Sangria. And I’m not even a fan of Real Sangria. It tastes alright and I think it is more akin to Eppa so far as the citrus-y flavorings go but it’s not so citrus-y that you can’t make out the red wine or other flavors that’s part of its flavor profile. If I was on a budget or just want some cheap sangria, Real Sangria is what I would go with but my all time favorite is Madria Sangria, which is actually $6.59 a bottle at my local Smart & Final supermarket.

Nevertheless, somehow I managed to fix that bottle of Eppa Supra Fruta Sangria in one sitting. I’m glad that I got that out of the way because that’s not something I would want to go through again. I’d say that if you’re in the market to try out a different brand of sangria that you should probably want to skip this one. I mean, if you like really citrus-y sangria, go for it, but if you don’t, it’s probably better if you skip this one.

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