E&J Peach Brandy with Peach Liqueur $8.99 @ CVS


Remember when I said a few months back that I would get around to trying out E&J Peach Brandy with Peach Liqueur? Don’t worry about it if you forgot. It was a long time ago and I had switched gears to reviewing other types of booze and writing about other things. But I finally got around to trying this out tonight. Like the Apple Brandy, this Peach Brandy is surprising smooth and tastes just like a sweet and ripe peach but in liquid form with alcohol.

When you first crack open the bottle, it isn’t an overpowering smell of peach flavoring. It’s actually rather pleasant but you can certainly detect the hint of alcohol afterward. The first thing I did was to drink this neat to get a feel for how it is. There really isn’t much of a burn on initial entry but you can taste and smell the peach as the brandy makes it way down your esophagus and then you feel this warming sensation as it travels down past your throat, then into your intestines. It’s about that point when you’ll feel a tingly sensation. Not a bad tingly sensation, but a tingly sensation nonetheless. And since it is infused with peach liqueur, it will leave a sticky residue on your lips. Not a deal breaker necessarily but still, it’s definitely something to take note of.

The only time you’ll actually taste the alcohol is when you breathe some air through your mouth as your taking a sip. Otherwise, if you sip without breathing air through the mouth but instead through your nose, there won’t be that characteristic alcohol burn reminiscent of cheap booze.

When you add ice to this, the peace liqueur really comes to the fore. Cooling this actually magnifies the peach flavoring and makes it tastes a lot sweeter. Not sickly sweet but definitely sweeter than drinking it neat. If it let the ice melt a bit, thereby adding some water to the peace brandy, it definitely mellows out. Dare I say? I think it may taste better if you added some water to it, whether neat or over ice. And that’s simply because the peach liqueur flavoring can be a point of concern for non-sweet toothed individuals. Nevertheless, I actually liked it over ice rather than neat for this one.

To top of it off, I bought some sparkling lime water that has a sugar substitute sweetener to add to the mix. Over ice, the carbonated lime water and peach go really well each other. I think they are really good complements to each other. The carbonation cuts away some of the enhanced peach liqueur flavoring but then infuses with the lime flavors, which in turn, adds an additional flavor on top of the peach flavor.

At room temperature though and no ice added, the flavor isn’t as good if you tried mixing sparkling lime water and the peach brandy. So I would suggest sticking with a cooled cup of ice, sparkling lime water, and this E&J Peach Brandy.

All in all, even though CVS has since raised the prices of the E&J flavored brandy’s, I think it’s still a good deal to buy it at $8.99 a bottle at your local CVS. If nothing else, it’s definitely easier to get a good buzz out of it than buying a bottle of Evan Williams or any one of their Gran Legacy line of liquors. And unlike Evan Williams, which will likely leave you with a nasty headache the following morning even if you’ve tried sobering up the night before, in my experience thus far, E&J flavored brandy’s do not give you that nasty headache even after drinking half or more of the bottle.

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