Feminism Won’t Lead To The End of Civilization

I was looking through Reddit this past weekend and reading all of what the Reddit users have to offer in terms of what they can add to the philosophy and foundation of MGTOW and to see if there are different perspectives that I haven’t yet read about through dedicated forums and websites that talk specifically about MGTOW. I like doing that because every forum and/or website has at least one user who will contribute something that is totally different from the mainstream ideas of any single group who subscribe to a particular life philosophy. Plus, by reading all sorts of different ideas offered, you gain a better understanding of where they are coming from and whether the stuff being said have any merit to them.

Basically, I give it the scrutiny test and I encourage all my readers to do the same. If it stands up to scrutiny, then maybe all of what they preach may actually be worth learning more about. MGTOW didn’t exactly pass it but it didn’t quite fail it either. So I was at a crossroads of sorts. On the one hand, it sort of met part of my criteria, but on the other, it failed spectacularly. At that point, I could have chosen to ignore it entirely. In the end of much debating in my head, I gave it a go to see whether the things they say will actually add anything new to what I already know and can see through my own eyes as being true or false. As you may know, I came upon MGTOW quite by accident and it was actually through my research into feminism and the existing culture with respect to men and women relationships where I discovered it. It’s also where I discovered the manosphere, that such a space on the cyber world actually existed, and all that the manosphere has to offer: namely, PUA (Pick Up Artists), TRP (The Red Pill), and all associated ideas and sub communities within sub communities.But to be fair, I was aware of their existence prior to all of this but never really placed much energy into looking deeper into their respective philosophies since it never interested me much until just recently.

Anyway, to sum it up, I’m a skeptic to any movement or body of ideas that purport to help me or help humanity and I am especially critical to any ideas or movement when they are especially insistent that I am whatever that they say that I am like feminists (and other extremist ideologies) tend to do. You may have heard the catchphrase, “If you believe in X, then you’re a feminist” by de facto, and that’s regardless of whatever beliefs that you held before or ever, for that matter. It’s actually preposterous when I think about it but hey, I give them an A+ for effort because it’s actually effective. It caught my attention and it did urge me to look into what they actually mean when they use the statement.

Let us get back on topic though. I was in Reddit and wanted to see what else MGTOW has to offer as a life philosophy and while there, I read one article that was supposedly written by a Japanese herbivore who was raised in Japan for the first 18 years of his life and have since moved to the USA to live out, presumably, the latter half of the rest of his life, as he sounded like he couldn’t put up with Japan and Japanese culture any longer. That article talked about falling birthrates in Japan, which drew me to look up the marriage rates in Japan, which in turn drew me to look up the marriage rates in the USA. Not surprisingly, both countries are experiencing a free fall in the birthrates delving into record lows. That’s not the interesting part, by the way. The interesting part that I got out of that article and the ensuing comments that followed is that everyone believed (or are absolutely certain) that civilization will fall into utter ruin and destruction. I beg to differ.

Here’s why: Feminism and female hypergamy. The beauty of feminism here is that it, as an ideology, like Christianity, will continue to grow and prosper. You can look at this way. Whenever a social revolution takes place, has their ever been a point where America went “backwards” in ideologies? I would venture to say that it hasn’t. The ideologies may have evolved to take a different form but in the end, it never actually goes backwards. It moves forward for the most part. So as long as feminism, and by extension, female hypergamy, continues to grow and prosper, there will be an endless supply of women who will take up the workforce in increasing numbers and to become mothers to buttress that system. You may be thinking, “But MGTOW bro!” and “Divorce rates, laws, etc being stacked against men, man!” Well, yea, but in every society, there will always be alpha men, even if they only make up a small percentage of the population. Read here: the rich 1%. Or the top 10%. And in some cases, just the richer, relatively speaking, middle to upper class men. These men, combined with PUA culture and The Red Pill, which shows no signs of slowing down because, well, feminism is here to stay, will help beta men get laid which, in turn, will foster the birthrate. And from there, big government (and society) will raise these bastard children to adulthood who in turn will seek out women who are similar to their mothers and repeat the vicious cycle all over again. And on and on it goes. It’s a perfectly closed system. And it works. I’m not saying it’s ideal for any of the current generation of men and of the older generations who got raped by the laws and the judicial system but the fact of the matter is that this system can and will work to buttress the slowing economy (and civilization as a whole). In all likelihood, it probably won’t grow the economy nearly as fast as other countries around the world but it’ll grow rather than fall into utter ruin and destruction that some of these MGTOW, Red Pill, and PUA groups seem to predict.

Let me go off on a tangent for a moment here. In that Reddit article, it mentioned that Japan actually has a government program where they pay men to have babies with women. Even with this government subsidy in place, Japanese men, by and large, are still choosing not to get into relationships with women and are still choosing not to have babies with said women. I’ll let that sink in for a bit. Okay, now that you’ve taken some time to let that sink in, do you realize the implications of this? Basically, what you can draw from this is that even if there are strong incentives that are setup and provided directly by big government that men are still choosing not to engage with women for a long-term relationship, marriage and kids. This is a system that clearly does not work. It means that men do not feel like it is an incentive even with the help of free money. But for women? If the big government paid women to have babies with men, I think it’s very much possible to end the birthrate crisis in Japan overnight.

Why do I say that? Well, in America, this is basically the current system. It’s essentially paying women to be single mothers. It encourages the behavior.

Again, I know, it sucks for men who are actually looking for love and companionship and all that jazz, but the reality is that even those things can be re-framed or repackaged as “goods and services,” that one can pay for to experience, just as Japan has already done. So too then America must head in that path as well. It just seems like the natural and logical path so far as I can tell.

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