Childhood Friend’s Birthday

Yesterday, I was at a bar with my childhood friend and we were celebrating his birthday early since his actual birthday falls on a day where we can’t actually hang out and really go all out. This bar is called The Roost. There was a Lakers game on TV but we weren’t really there to watch. It was just a time for us to hang out, knock back a few brewski’s, catch up, and vent, if need be. I ordered my usual, a tall can of PBR, and my childhood buddy orders his usual, Jameson on the rocks, but really, his choice of booze is anything liquor. As long as its liquor, it’s fine. We sat down and started talking about our work week. There’s not much to it. Same old drama with the same old people for the most part. For my friend, his drama consists of pretty much everybody at the library that he works at. Me? It’s mainly just my bosses, which is really just the owners. Then we started talking about other random things. Mostly Hong Kong pop culture and films, what’s new, what’s good to watch, and what to avoid. My buddy told me that I’m like the only friend he knows that he can actually talk to about that stuff. It’s funny that he says that because he’s the only person I would ever talk to about Hong Kong pop culture and films as well but that’s mostly because I don’t have any other Asian friends who are into HK pop culture and films as much as me. And now that I think about that, I find that somewhat peculiar because HK pop culture has been stagnating as of late. It’s the kind of depressing when I go into forums dedicated to HK films and the promotion of HK culture but the HK forum users would rather talk about Korean drama and pop culture than their own. It’s a weird time to be an HKer is all I’m saying. And I’m not even from HK. I’m American born but because of my upbringing, (thanks mom and dad), I grew up with a strong identity in HK culture and do not look down upon my culture. But at the same time, I don’t really talk about it to anyone or with anyone except my childhood friend who is really the only person that I can talk to and relate to on such matters. Not even my own family cares much about HK films and culture either.

Eventually, this topic led us into the topic of dating. Ah yes, dating. Not much of that going on in either of our lives. In fact, the both of us have more or less resigned to the fact that the dating scene is just shitty right now, especially when you’re poor. But I’ve been noticing that my buddy has gone a complete 180 on me. At a time when I was still chasing women to an extent for something like a long-term relationship, my friend only believed in women as merely a source to release sexual tension and that’s about it. Now that my views about women and dating have gradually evolved into something else, he’s decided to take up my old role that I held up previously. Namely, believing in the good of women, giving them the benefit of the doubt, and respect before they’ve even earned it. And I’m like, “Hmm….what gave him this sudden change in perspective?” Maybe it’s not sudden. Maybe it’s gradual like me. Maybe he was undergoing a phase that all men undergo before hitting maturity. Maybe.

I’d like to think that I was mature for my age back then but in many ways, I wasn’t. My heart was in the right place though, despite my experiences in life, love, and dating. But there was always that nagging feeling that I felt that something was off about women despite how hard I tried to better myself for the next woman that I can dedicate to. Back then, I used to think if I could better myself in every way possible, to make myself interesting, take on several hobbies and interests, to eat right, exercise, and stay fit, that women will naturally gravitate toward me. And yes, they did. The only issue was that the one’s that gravitated towards me were, to varying degrees, gold diggers or women who were just looking to have fun, have sexual flings, and that’s about it. None of them were relationship material. So I was in this odd twilight zone where it was no longer an issue of whether I can attract women or keep them interested but whether I can attract the type of women that I want to have a long-term relationship with. Back then, I never really nailed that mystery but ever since I’ve researched and read on the internet the odd phenomenon’s I’ve taken notice lately with respect to women, dating, feminism, red pill, PUA, and MGTOW, I realize now that maybe it’s not me that is the problem. Maybe it really is just women in general who have pretty much just become this whole other beast, a totally foreign concept that I can never realistically mesh with on any long-term basis.

Anyway, once that topic ended, we noticed that the bar was full, as in, jam pack full. We were both pretty drunk but sober enough to pick out songs on the jukebox. We just thought, “Let’s troll the fuck out of the bar right now.” We started playing Disney cartoon theme songs, like the one from Aladdin, Lion King, and Mulan. The older people who sat in the booths had these confused looks on their faces while the younger groups that sat just a table or two from us were laughing their asses off. They were looking around for the culprit who chose the song and they looked at us like “It was YOU!!!” And I was like, “Nah man, it wasn’t me. (It was)”. After the stream of old Disney theme songs from the 90’s, we started playing 80’s movies theme songs like Rocky, Karate Kid, and Ghostbusters, which apparently, the bar crowd liked a lot more. Then we jumped into nothing but 90’s and mid-2000’s boy band love songs like Backstreet Boys, Savage Garden, and BBMak to which all the men just groaned and rolled their eyes but the women, surprisingly, loved them all.

Then we went into R&B love songs for the next few and in particular, one song by K-Ci and Jojo, “All My Life” got one blonde gal to grab my friend and start dancing with him. That made his night, I think. It seemed like he enjoyed it for the most part. All in all, I think it was a fun night for the both of us.

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