Weihenstephaner – Super Nutty Beer


Wowza’s!!!!! I can tell you right now that the first sip of this German beer Weihenstephaner was a super nutty double whammie! It has a medium body feel in your mouth and it’s fairly easy to drink but it does leave a bit of a sticky residue on one’s lips after a few sips. On top of that, this beer is rated at a whopping 7.4% ABV. That’s much, much higher than all the domestic, mass-produced beers that I know and even some of the imported beers for that matter. There’s not much of a carbonation to this beer either and in fact, it fizzles out after a few minutes, rather quickly, might I add. Not a bad thing in and of itself as I think that the alcohol content more than makes up for its lack of carbonation but not all beers really need carbonation, unless 1) they are trying to enhance a particular flavor, or 2) they are trying to hide a particular nasty flavor, which most American domestic beers tend to do.

I think this is the probably the 2nd German beer I’ve had that, in terms of first sip expressions, is one of the more impressive one’s so far. The only other one that gave me a good first impression and that was a German beer was probably the Hofbrau Munchen, a beer I have yet to write a review for. I’ve tried the Hofbrau line of beers once so far, for the record, and I had a pretty good first impression of them but I felt like they deserved another try when the bottle had a best by date that isn’t way past the date indicated on the bottle. So until then, I’ll write another review.

All in all, I really like this German beer. And in my opinion, I like it a whole better than Newcastle, which itself, is a nutty beer. But not nutty at this level and the alcohol content is far greater than Newcastle. On top of that, it’s not just nutty but for lack of a vocabulary (and extensive experience in trying out nutty tasting beers) to describe this complex taste, I can only say that it’s similar to the Hofbrau Munchen beer I’ve had before. It’s a definite must-try for those that like nutty beers or just like beers with high alcohol content but also has a great flavor to it.

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