Why Pick Up Artists (PUA) Despise MGTOW

It’s fairly obvious why feminists hate MGTOW’s (they pretty much hate any group that opposes their ideology) but it isn’t as obvious why people within the same manosphere from which they all derived from would hate each other. Sure, there’s differences in opinion and this is true for any group belonging to or subscribing to a certain life philosophy but it’s usually never to the point where they would outright hate each other, you know what I mean?

Now, I’m no expert in these matters but I’ve read a great deal of literature from various factions within the manosphere and just because they self-identify in one group doesn’t necessarily mean that they subscribe to all the other notions in said group. For example, just because you’re a red piller doesn’t mean that you’re automatically a PUA or that you necessarily practice PUA methodologies to the T. Or just because you’re a PUA doesn’t automatically mean that you don’t believe in having long-term, committed relationships. And so on and so forth. This is true whether one self-identifies as a PUA, MGTOW, or more generally, a red piller.

Before I go further, I think it may be helpful to the newcomer who stumbles upon a Reddit forum or a dedicated website that talks about these subject matters by first identifying all the various factions within the manosphere. But let me first define the manosphere. Basically, if you grew up in a more traditional setting where you were taught how to be a man by other men, you kind of already know, at least on an intuitive level, what the manosphere is. It’s basically that male space where only men are within that space that allow other men to talk about man stuff, be it about man problems in relation to love and relationships, with their personal lives, with their career or what have you. In a nutshell, that’s what the manosphere is except that thanks to the technology and the internet, it’s grown into a worldwide phenomenon where men across continents can talk and share with other men about women, dating, and relationships on the internet.

So let’s break this down a bit more:

Manosphere = space, whether physical or cyber, where men gather together to talk about man stuff.

Within the manosphere, there are various factions but the two major ones are:

  1. Blue Pillers
  2. Red Pillers

Under the Blue Pillers, there are three additional subgroups:

  1. Mangina’s
  2. White Knights
  3. Traditional-Minded Men

Under the Red Pillers, there are four additional subgroups:

  1. Pick Up Artists (PUA)
  2. Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)
  3. Men’s Rights Activists (MRA)
  4. Men’s Rights Movement (MRM)

Okay, now that you know all of the various factions, it bears noting that there’s a difference between a Men’s Rights Activist and the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM). Feminists would often times lump these groups together as if they are one and the same but they are not. The MRM’s started as a response to the divorce courts ruining the lives of men, financially, mentally, and emotionally. Meaning, these are previously blue pill men who thought that the divorce courts would rule fairly but at the end of the day, did not and hence, became red pill as a result of slaughter after-the-fact. The Men’s Rights Activists, on the other hand, took what the MRM started and went off on the deep end. Rather than simply spreading awareness about how the divorce courts will rule overwhelmingly in favor of the woman’s side, which was primarily what the MRM’s aimed for, the MRA’s took a more proactive approach and actively engaged men about how women, as a group, are not to be trusted and cited the various ways in which women attempt to trap men in a marriage in order to take them for all they got through the divorce courts. In a way, you can think of MRA’s as the next step in the evolution of the Men’s Rights Movement.

And then it happens again with the Pick Up Artists. They were the next step in the evolution of the Men’s Rights Movement. Seeing as MRA’s made more men aware of how women attempted to trap men, the Pick Up Artist was born to combat that issue. Rather than allowing women to trap men in a marriage, it became a sort of game of how to get laid with women without incurring the devastating loss of getting married and subsequently getting destroyed by the divorce courts.

I would venture to guess that Pick Up Artists would beg to differ. They would likely venture to say that the whole philosophy behind picking up women is to give men confidence and all that jazz but the thing is, there’s already another name for this, which Pick Up Artists misuse and relabeled as their invention. It’s called “self-help.” Self-help has been around long before Pick Up Artists ever became a thing. PUA became formally introduced to the mass public when Neil Strauss published his book “The Game” and brought what I call the “player culture” into a formal, concrete existence. At which point, the PUA philosophy and culture have steadily evolved to become what it is now: a combination of self-help, conventional mixed with unconventional dating wisdom, and red pill philosophy.

And then lastly, MGTOW was born because between the rhetoric going on back and forth with the MRA’s and Pick Up Artists who advocated, in one form or another, that women being the way they are, and given how the divorce courts are stacked against men, that from a rational standpoint, it’s better not to partake in any of that and simple check out from the whole “rat race” so to speak.

I would venture to guess that the PUA’s hate MGTOW’s because they refuse to buy their “how to get laid” guides that they often times keep pitching in their websites. And you can plainly see this in just about every website where a prominent part of the website is about selling someone ‘a secret’ or ‘the secret’ or ‘a series of secrets’ on how to get laid or attract women in one form or another. The very act of refusing to participate with women or society takes a large chunk of money away from PUA’s, thus slowing down the promotion of PUA culture. The latter part is probably not as important for most PUA’s so much as the former since, well, people need to make a living, right? But the irony about PUA’s and what’s rather counter productive about PUA’s is the whole part where they essentially treat women as mere holes to put their penises in. They were the one’s who started the whole concept of “putting love tokens in a woman” and “pussy will fall out” if you followed a series of steps in just the right order and timing, not the geeks, nerds, and the socially awkward that most feminist leaning media sites keep insisting are the culprits of why the dating world is in all sorts of wrong.

From a ideological standpoint, PUA and MGTOW are mutually inclusive. Meaning, that both can be present and be practiced at the same time without there being a contradiction in one’s actions. The only thing left is the money aspect. Like dating coaches, PUA need people to get together and get laid, just as dating coaches need people to fall in love with each other. And both claim that they can provide the solution to both types of problems. If there are groups of people that are basically saying no to getting laid, that’s money being lost that they (the PUA’s) can never get back, which explains why there is so much animosity between PUA and MGTOW.

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