Why Women and Feminists Feel Threatened By MGTOW

Common sense would have you believe that regular women would not care too much whether men choose to opt out of dating and interacting with women on the regular. Common sense would also have you believe that this would not affect them one way or the other, good or bad, since it’s simply a group of men deciding not to participate in certain aspects of society. But this isn’t true.

Women actually feel threatened by MGTOW. It goes without saying that, by extension, feminists also feel threatened by MGTOW. Why? There’s a lot of plausible reasons. For one, on the side of women, it means less attention are given by men. Men would simply walk right past a woman who spent hours dressing up, putting on make-up, making sure that the color of her clothes matches with the color of her make-up, earrings, and other accessories, and hell, even the way she walks all aim to accentuate all that effort. Women often times say that they dress up not for the attention or not to please men, but why then dress up and go to places where she knows that men are the predominant group in said setting, ya know I mean? Why not go to a women’s only rally all dressed up like that? Because it makes no sense to go to a woman’s rally all dolled up. Other women will just feel threatened that she went all out and would take efforts to offer her”back-handed compliments” instead of real compliments. Now, I’m not saying that women dress up for the sole purpose of pleasing men or for the sole purpose of attention but rather a combination of all that on top of wanting to feel good after all the effort. It just happens to be the case that men will look because, well, men are men. And when men are drawn to a woman’s looks, other women take notice as well but when those same women are in the presence of large groups of men, they have to offer that one woman who got all dolled up “real compliments” as opposed to back-handed one’s because no woman wants to be that “bitch” in a social setting, ya know what I mean? It’s a mood killer and no man wants to be around such a woman.

Secondly, women feel threatened by MGTOW because MGTOW’s tell other blue pill men about the nature of women. Now, granted, it’s not a one-size-fits-all description of the nature of women. Feminists and other blue pill men got this one correct and without a shadow of a doubt. It’s also known as the NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That) expression. Feminists and blue pill often throw this expression into the middle of an argument to stop all critical thinking, right then and there. But the thing is, there are enough women that act the way that they do that makes it true enough to be applicable to all women, regardless of cultural background, social upbringing, financial standing, etc, etc. This is the infamous AWALT (All Women Are Like That) expression that you might hear red pill men and MGTOW’s alike throw out there during their discussions on various subject matters.

In this special case, both sides are correct with respect to their favorite expressions. The NAWALT side is true because in terms of absoluteness, no one can be 100% sure that every single woman on Earth are like that or every single woman to be will act the way that they do. For the AWALT side, as said previously, there are enough women acting the way that they do that makes this expression true enough for just about any and all women.

To carry on with the second point, women feel threatened by MGTOW telling other blue pill men about this because they fear that if these same blue pill who are not current converts do become converts later on, through reasoning in their heads and seeing the evidence around them. That’s another group of men that women will no longer be able to gain attention from (and to a very large extent, get freebie work, emotional energy, and/or monetary/material gifts from as well). You can begin to see why this is a very large threat to women (and ultimately, feminists as well). From a purely Darwinian perspective, it means less resources for them to gain from said men. And it also means that the work that they do will have a much less powerful effect on men than if men and women join forces to convert other men to become like them. This is the power of herd mentality. When there’s a large enough group converting to one standpoint, it pressures other people, men in this case, to feel compelled to join that larger group–just because of its sheer size and peer pressure from other men. I hate to bring this up but Nazi Germany immediately comes to mind. Same phenomenon, different setting. I have to give these third wave and fourth wave feminists a lot of credit here. They figured out that in order for their ideology to have any kind of powerful effect, an effect that forces lawmakers to make laws and shift the powers of balance that favors women more than men, that men have to join in on this too in order for that to happen. They have to. And they did and they continue to convert large groups of men-coming-of-age into their cohorts–through the formal public education system. You can plainly see this across all K-12 and college campuses nationwide in the USA.

Thirdly, women feel threatened by MGTOW because as more men have “their consciousness raised” to use Richard Dawkin’s and feminist’s terminology, it ultimately means that social pressuring and social shaming will no longer have as powerful of an effect on men than before. And much of women’s power stems from using social pressure and social shaming tactics to get men to fall in line with what a woman wants out of the man. That’s a lot of power lost, might I add. A tremendous amount. Arguably, this means that when women struts her stuff over a man to get men to do stuff for her, it will have virtually no effect on said men. This is a threat because not only will a woman’s social powers have no effect on men but ultimately, peer pressure, group pressure and herd mentality will no longer work on them either. When you think about it this way, you can begin to see why women and more so feminists feel especially threatened by MGTOW. From the woman’s side, it means that quoting ideas like unconditional love, long-term relationships, and marriage like the movie “The Notebook” will not sway a man to want to approach and engage women into those types of relationships. From the feminist’s side, it means that less men will want to participate in their social programming at the societal level and will instead “ghost” them. With less men participating in their social programming, they lose a lot of power of getting other men to forcefully compel other groups of men to fall in line. When this happens, the same blue pill men who have undergone this social brainwashing will slowly lose their effect and again, these same men will begin to have “their consciousness raised” just from the sheer fact that their numbers seem to be dwindling rapidly. And as more and more men seem to be choosing their own path, than simply walking the straight the line that’s been spoon fed to them since day one, they begin thinking to themselves “Why don’t I just choose my own path too since all these other men are choosing their own paths?” Now, they don’t necessarily choose MGTOW right at the get go but eventually, they end up there, by de-facto.

To sum up, it is understandable that women and feminists alike feel threatened but when it comes down to it, women will have to decide where they want to take this because the social programming was started by the feminists in order to give women, as a whole, more power and control over their individual lives, at which they have successfully accomplished with flying colors, by the way. But at the same time, it wasn’t without their consequences. Women need to step up and take control of the situation. Women need to step up and call out other women on their bullshit. Women need to step up and start asking men out on dates, leading in relationships, and sealing the deal with men.  Women need to step up and against the current feminists who have tipped the scale overwhelming in favor of women for its own sake. Bottom line: Women need to step up and take what the feminists have won for you and make this whole social interaction with men on a more equal footing so we can all push forward together as a nation.

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9 thoughts on “Why Women and Feminists Feel Threatened By MGTOW

  1. The only way to reverse the madness is to deny women the vote, which is not going to happen. Cultural collapse in the West is not a question of if, but rather which year future historians will peg as the date. MGTOW is not a cause of the impending collapse, it is a symptom. The canary in the coal mine is Japan. Read Oswald Spengler who predicted this 100 years ago.

    The only way to delay the collapse is to change the legal system from the gynocentric sausage grinder it has become. But that won’t happen either. MGTOW do not fear women. We fear the state violence by proxy any woman at any time for any whim can inflict upon any man. If one considers restraining orders and divorce rape as violence, then women are far and away much more violent than men. They just use proxies.

    MGTOW is the only logical life philosophy for a man in the 21st century. A one sentence description of MGTOW is “the revolt of the beta males”. And what females and global elite males fail to grasp is that beta males are the foundation bricks upon which society rests. Remove enough bricks, the foundation collapses, and everyone loses.

    Beta males have the choice of working themselves to death for a society that clearly does not give a tinker’s damn about them and treats them like rented mules, or going MGTOW. What is the only sane choice?

    Once you go MGTOW, you can’t go back.

    Kick back, make a drink, and enjoy the show. Cheers.

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    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree with many of your points but I don’t think that western civilization is going to collapse. Shrink to a certain level, sure, but not collapse.

      I’m only basing this on what I’ve read about in other countries where feminism has literally got those countries by the balls: Iceland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, etc. Basically, all the western European countries. Those are the countries with supposedly more equality and more women in political careers and other traditionally male-dominated professions, relative to the USA, than all of the other countries in the West. And to my knowledge, they have no collapse or have imploded on themselves.

      What ended up happening in those countries is that women “stepped up” and filled in the roles that men previously held and dominated. There’s a very large role reversal but society did not collapse in those countries, even if their form of government is pretty much controlled and managed by feminist leaders. As in, truly feminist leaders with feminist ideologies in full swing within the government and how laws are made.

      But it’s hard to say how Americans will handle this one way or the other.


  2. I have a blog discussing foreign women, international dating, etc.

    If MGTOW members truly want to escape American or Western women, feminists, and the anti-male society, those members should hop on an airplane and go overseas to meet foreign women.

    Foreign women are the opposite of the women in the States and Westernized world.

    I am not worried about women/feminists/anti-male society in US. I am focused on beautiful women in Ukraine, China, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Philippines, etc. I am appreciated and respected as a man in these foreign countries. So are other men in general too.

    If MGTOW members want to stay in United States, they may have to continue fighting those man haters.


  3. Role reversal as far as asking for dates does not work. Chances are, women get abused or even raped when they ask for dates because men still want to do the asking instead to the point of creeping women out.


    • Role reversal under the current, albeit, broken dating paradigms in today’s western society won’t work. You’re right on that. Media, movies, and film still have a powerful effect to instill the idea that men ought to do the asking of dates and most still attempt to continue the trend but fail miserably, not because they tried, but because of changing social and cultural norms. So men “wanting” to do the task of asking women out for dates is social engineering, not necessarily something that’s intrinsic in men. Effectively though, what they are doing also doesn’t work.

      “Chances are, women get abused or even raped when they ask for dates”

      I don’t know how or where you were able to draw that conclusion. You make it seem like men are the sexual predators when women do the asking out of dates. Unless I start seeing or hearing a slew of news articles (or even internet forum chats in relationships and dating) where women do the asking out of dates which resulted in their being abused or raped, I highly doubt the above statement.

      All I know is this: something has to change in order to make this work. Men have chosen to go with the social engineering and programming by feminists in the past century already and that ultimately failed. You can freely and independently verify this yourself by going to a public space like a beach or a mall and watching what young men are doing around young, pretty women in their presence. Pick a handful of spots and different times of days to just “people watch” and see how they interact with each other. If men are what you say they are and what they would naturally prefer to do: that is, they would prefer to be the lead in the asking of dates, the results may surprise you.

      Which is why I proposed the idea that since feminist started this social programming which ultimately failed millions of young men nationwide in the USA but benefited just as many millions of women nationwide in the USA (at least at the get go, but now things are falling apart–quite swiftly, might I add), the solution must lie in the women’s camp. They are adults, they chose to support the feminist revolution, so effectively, they (with the feminists) created this mess so they should take responsibility for it all and undo (or make better) this failing feminist social engineering experiment.

      Whatever it is that women choose to do, they better do it quick because we’ll have another Japan on our hands with alarmingly low birthrates and high unemployment rates in the entire world coupled with a financial economy that’s been in the shitter over a similar phenomenon, albeit for different reasons. If western women want to know how this failed social experiment will all pan out, all they really need to do is observe Japan. They are leading the pack and what I’ve read and have observed on internet forums with respect to Japanese society and the natives there, it sounds pretty bleak to me, insofar as the health of dating and relationships in Japanese society go.


      • Agreed. Think of it this way, in the last few decades, men have been marrying and having kids, going to war to protect women and their families and homes, at the sacrifice of their own lives. And what has been happening? No sense of respect or appreciation. And where does that leave men? It leaves men going, “you know what? I’m taking off.. fuck this shit.. you’re on your own.”


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