Zywiec Porter Beer at $3.49 at Bevmo


If there’s one beer that I would recommend to anyone who has been drinking beer for a while and want something different for a change, it’s definitely Zywiec Porter Beer. This is everything that a craft beer and micro brew ought to be. Full flavor, full body, yet not a heavy drink even if the ABV is at a whopping 9.5%.

The nose smell is sweet and dark, like eating a piece of dark chocolate. It is very malty. Very, very malty. Some may not like the malty taste because they associate it with cheap malt liquor, which itself, has a malt flavor. But this is not that kind of flavor. This is a more pure and clean kind of flavor for a malt, which is odd because malt flavor from the malt liquor is anything but pure and clean. Malt liquor tastes more like artificial, chemical flavoring, if anything. Rest assured though, this Zywiec Porter Beer has perfected the infusion of different malt flavors into one bottle of beer. At which point, some microbreweries and craft beer makers have taken that and infused their own unique natural flavorings but this Zywiec Porter Beer is a really solid dark and porter beer. Dare I say, it’s akin to drinking a stout and I love me my stouts.

There’s not much of a carbonation to this beer, which is fine, because the fizziness would actually take away from the flavor of this beer, rather than enhance it. And for once, I found a beer whose expiration isn’t one year old but I digress. I figured Bevmo doesn’t really swap out their beers too much since beers tend to have a long shelf life straight off the bat. Nevertheless, this beer does leave a bit of aftertaste for every sip after the first sip. It’s kind of thick and it may cause cotton mouth, as I seem to be developing with every new sip but that might just be because of the weather. Plus, it also leaves a rather sticky residue on one’s lips. Not a deal breaker but definitely something to keep in mind.

And if it were up to me, I probably wouldn’t drink this as I’m eating. I would venture to guess that the flavor may clash with spicy foods or even lighter foods. Red meat might go well with this but otherwise, anything else may actually be overwhelmed by this flavor.

All in all, this is a solid beer and worth every penny at its sale price of $3.49. And even if it was at its regular price of $4.49, if I was looking for just this type of flavor, I would buy it again.

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