Ayinger Brauweisse – Bavarian Hefe Weizen @ $3.49 at Bevmo

This beer is yet another where I was caught off guard. It’s spicy. Unusually spicy for a hefe weizen. Or maybe, hefe weizen’s are supposed to be spicy. Who knows? I’m no beer expert. Just a casual drinker who happens to enjoy trying out different beers, liquors, and wine for the fun of it. I’d have to say though that I rather like it and that’s strange for me because I’m not usually a fan of hefe weizen. Arguably, there are very few beers that really appeal to me or have made a lasting impression on my palate where I would go out of my way to buy again and again.

Maybe it’s because I’m not that picky of a drinker but at the same time, I do like variety so as long as my wallet can afford it. Anyway, I would say that this beer has a light to medium body. Upon popping the cap, you can definitely get that whiff of those spicy notes. It’s not overtly powerful but it’s really noticeable as this beer approaches room temperature. From a cold state, it’s hard to make out what this beer smells like. But as it becomes warmer, some of that characteristic sourness also comes to the fore. In my experience, pretty much all hefe weizen’s (or wheat beers) have this distinct sourness to it. And so far to date, this is the only hefe weizen where the spicy notes were really apparent. Other one’s that I’ve had (Shock Top and Hofbrau) do not have as apparent of a spicy note than this. But the sour taste were there except for Hofbrau’s hefe weizen.

I think on the whole, this one is quite drinkable. It doesn’t really leave much of a residue on your lips and it doesn’t really leave a musky flavor on your palate either. This one had a bit more carbonation than most of the other imported beers I’ve tried so far but it goes away fairly quickly.

I would be quite hard pressed to decide if I like Hofbrau’s hefe weizen more or this one because the former has a cleaner taste but this one has that spicy note that I like. The spicy notes in this one tends to linger quite a bit on the tip of your tongue before it finally dissipates, which, all things considered, I’ve never had a beer whose spicy notes lasts this long. Not even from the micro brews or craft beers. It’s not a bad spicy sensation but it does tend to linger, nevertheless. Lastly, the ABV stands at a 5.1%, which is just slightly higher than most of the domestic beers.

All in all, I would recommend this hefe weizen, if you’re looking for something a bit different than all the other hefe weizen’s.

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