Women Should Step Forward & Take Up More Dangerous Jobs

Aircraft pilots. Construction workers. Fishers. What kind of image comes to mind when you think about those professions? Well, arguably most people would envision a man in that kind of position: flying an airplane, climbing atop the skeleton of a skyscraper to build the basic framework for a future office and/or retail space, and a person dressed from head to tow in fishing gear, right? Rarely do you see (or even hear about) a woman in those kinds of jobs. In fact, every time there’s a commercial ad on TV, the internet, or even on your local radio, you hear a man’s voice talking or you see a man in the picture with a construction worker’s hard top or a pilot’s suit. We can say that this is because those jobs are mainly a “man’s domain” like being a businessman or lawyer or politician is a “man’s domain.” Not any longer, of course. Now there are businesswomen, female lawyers, and female politicians. Lots of them. Walk into any urbanized city and you will see more women than men holding such jobs. However, on the flip side, the further away you are from the inner city, the reverse holds true. Tonight, I’m not here to discuss why that is. No. Tonight, I’m going to make the case for why women should take up more dangerous jobs. There are a number of benefits that women can potentially reap from taking on dangerous jobs.

First of all, the pay is much higher. Being an aircraft pilot or logging worker will no doubt test one’s mental, emotional, and psychological strength and endurance, but the trade off for taking on all that danger is that you’ll get paid more. Much more than a person who works an office job or waitress job and does overtime.

Secondly, working on a dangerous job can be its own reward in the sense that you got something accomplished that you didn’t think that it’d be possible because you bought into the idea that women are physically weaker relative to men. Now, this isn’t to say that you should throw caution to the wind about a woman’s biology. No. But I am saying that you are your own weakest link and the human body can take on a whole lot of punishment provided that you train yourself through strict discipline, practice, and perseverance.

Thirdly, you may just end up leading a new generation of women to join and take up these types of jobs that are predominantly a man’s domain. That would be quite exciting, if you think about it. Although female pilots aren’t a new thing anymore, the fact of the matter is that they still make up only a minority in the profession around the world.

Fourthly, you’ll be doing humanity a huge favor by pushing a previously male-created civilization forward.

As you may know, with the rise of MGTOW and the growing fragmentation of the feminist movement, especially so after Trump basically won the presidential election in the USA by a landslide, men have been slowly waking up and moving away from the whole traditional rat race, so to speak: go to school, get an education, get a degree, get a job, get a house, and get a wife and have some kids. This was essentially the American Dream. When this is slowly but surely happening, this means that only other group left to take up those professions are women. This is already a reality in most of the Western Hemisphere and parts of Asia: Japan, China, and India. It’s just a matter of time before the USA catches up to what is already a reality in many parts of the industrialized nations around the world.

I’ll end this article by saying this: This is your time now. It’s time for you step up your game and tackle these dangerous jobs. Do it for yourself, do it for other women, and do it for all of humanity because the future literally rests in your hands now given the current trajectory and trends of men slowly opting out of the rat race.

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