Trump Deals Major Blow to Feminism

I wasn’t originally going to talk about Trump and his winning the presidential election but after perusing a number of articles from both the feminist camps and the manosphere, I realized that not talking about it would do a great injustice and disservice towards Americans as well as feminism as an ideology and a movement. Why do I say this?

For one thing, feminism has been an intricate part of American history for pretty much the better part of the last four centuries. Now, feminism, as an ideology and a movement didn’t officially take root in American culture until much, much later. Arguably, only in the last century or so, did it make its presence so well known and culminating into what it is today. Feminism has been slowly but surely building itself to be a kind of mini nation within a great nation that is America. And while it remained largely elusive under the Bush Administration, their presence was felt when other social activists were able to topple large corporation by jumping onto Twitter and Facebook and decrying injustice until they caved in. Those corporations caving in, at the time, basically set a dangerous precedence for all future attempts by other social activist groups to decry other forms of injustices. At that time, I was halfway through college and Facebook and Twitter were still in their infancy. Literally. And sure enough, other forms of decrying injustice came to the fore. By then, it was a ripe time for feminism to rear its ugly head and come out of its elusive shadows to wave their battle cries and they did. And they won. They won a lot of ground, in fact. They took America by the throat and held it down in a choke hold for the better part of the mid-to-late 2000’s. Every facet of American life was shaken down to the core. Many women’s lives were greatly enhanced during this period but usually at the expense of just as many men. It seemed almost certain that after Obama’s administration ends that Hillary Clinton would surely take up the reigns and push feminism ( and liberalism) to a whole new level. But this didn’t happen. In fact, not only did Hillary lose the election, but she lost it by a landslide.That’s a major blow to feminism.

This signals a crucial turning point in America. That feminism may have just begun losing its steam. Note here that I didn’t say that this signaled the end of the feminist regime. Far from it. The feminist regime will continue to remain a part of American culture but Trump winning the election definitely dealt a blow so hard that it cracked feminism enough to show its true colors. As much as politicians would like to keep tooting their horns that Americans are pretty dumb, on average, today’s politicians do not realize that Generation X and Y, not the Baby Boomers, are slowly but surely making up a bigger and wider part of the voting body whenever any type of election, whether local or national, comes up. That is where Hillary failed to realize the enormous gap between what she believed feminism stood for and the current feminists who wielded a totally different ideology from its first inception. But that’s really a small piece of the puzzle.

The bigger piece of the puzzle lay in the populace who benefited from feminism’s attempt to make a more equal world for men and women. They realized at some point that feminism tipped the scale a bit too far and thus was born various factions of feminism that took a softer stance with respect to modern day feminism. But that was just a starting point. That ultimately gave birth and paved the way for increasingly more people to take the stance of something along the lines of general equality between both the sexes, rather than an all out war against men and boys by modern day feminism. We can partly thank the manosphere, PUA, and MGTOW for that.

In many ways, Trump winning the election is basically the whole of western civilization saying that they have had enough of feminism (and liberalism) making mountains out of mole hills of what is, relatively speaking, a minor problem blown way out of proportions. And it is. And while I’m not a big fan of Trump when he was a TV personality and businessman nor did I vote for him, Trump winning the election clearly shows us that liberalism, when taken too far, results in a regression in overall human empathy towards each other and that it’s about time to bring the pendulum back towards equilibrium.

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