LUX Ultra Premium Peach Vodka $6.99 @ CVS

Admittedly, I didn’t like LUX’s Ultra Premium Apple Vodka  from the other time so you can guess my reluctance for wanting to try the rest of their product line. They have Apple, Peach, Raspberry, and their plain vodka, which is supposedly distilled 7 times so that one should, in theory, be a lot smoother than their flavored vodka’s thus far. At a low price point of $6.99, this is really the only draw and highlight to this flavored vodka. The peach one is undoubtedly just slightly better than their apple flavored one but as was true previously, this vodka burns your mouth going in and keeps on burning all the way down the gullet. It’s pretty unpleasant in that respect.

On the flip side though, if you’d like to see it in a more positive light, this will warm you up really fast within the first few sips. The first sip was ok. Pleasant enough but then the second and third sips, you begin to see why it’s priced at $6.99 a bottle at your local CVS. The harshness comes to the fore pretty quickly by the third and fourth sips. Upon cracking up the bottle, be prepared for a strong whiff of really ripe peach. The smell is actually pretty ok but I wish that this tasted better. It does taste like peach, if you’re wondering, but the harsher aspects of this vodka just overwhelms the peach flavoring.

And then if you add some ice to it, the peach flavoring gets enhanced and turns into this sickly sweet taste. But the good news is that the harshness gets mellowed out quite a bit. The burning sensation going in and down the gullet gets minimized quite a bit. But goodness gracious, that peach taste is too artificial when you add ice to the vodka.

For this vodka, just like the apple one, I think you’re better of mixing this with something else. Me personally? I like sparkling water with fruit flavorings (tangerine lime flavor) but feel free to use your favorite fruit juice instead (or really, whatever fluid you’d prefer). Anything at this point is better than sipping this neat or with ice. My tangerine lime sparkling water hasn’t failed me too much so far and it’s fairly cheap at CVS. It’s $0.99 per 33.8 fl oz bottle. Could I find a cheaper one at a supermarket? Of course but usually the one’s at the supermarket get sold out pretty quickly and my local Smart and Final does not carry this particular flavoring: tangerine lime. Instead, it has just a plain lime flavor, cherry, watermelon, raspberry, blackberry, and a berry mix, which by the way, I don’t really recommend any of those except the lime flavor.

All in all, this vodka is an alternative to all the other equally low priced liquors I’ve reviewed so far but I guess if you’re feeling adventurous, you can give either the apple or peach flavor one a shot.

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4 thoughts on “LUX Ultra Premium Peach Vodka $6.99 @ CVS

    • Yea. It’s weird that LUX makes the peach flavor one and gets it better than the green apple one. Usually, it’s the green apple that’s popular while the peach is a close 2nd for most flavored liquors.


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