Budweiser 3-pack $5.99 @ Smart & Final

Last week, I had decided to go with a 3-pack of Tecate. This week, just to go with a theme, I decided to try out the Budweiser 3-pack for $5.99 at my local Smart & Final. The fact of the matter is that you can get this 3-pack at just about any chain store, be it a pharmacy like Rite Aid or CVS, your local liquor store, or your local supermarket. Mine just happens to be the Smart & Final but the Big Saver’s Food supermarket also sells it at the same price.


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What can I say about this beer that hasn’t already been said by various other blogs? Honestly, not a whole lot. I’m not going to describe this beer like some sites would like the Beer Advocate because this blog isn’t about that. It’s not about being technical or about being a beer snob.



I remember having this beer for the first time around high school and at a friend’s wedding of all places. Yes, I was but a young lad at age 17 when one of my friend’s got married at the age of 18 straight out of a high school. I was invited, much to my dismay as the person getting married was a female friend at the time. No, no. I take that back. More like a classmate with whom I had the unfortunate accident of being stalked by her in my youth and she just kept following me around until she decided to get married to her baby’s daddy because she’s that kind of basic hoe.

I remember Budweiser tasted differently then and after so many years later, I don’t remember Budweiser tasting the way it does in its current iteration. It’s not bad. (Actually, I take that back). It’s…different and in this case, it just happens to be not as good as I remembered it back in high school. Granted, my taste buds were probably still getting used to its flavor back then but now in my adult years? I don’t know. It’s different. It’s still drinkable, if you’re tight on cash but boy does this beer gives you the worst kinds of gas and farts. Then when it’s time for you to take a #2 in the restroom, wow, no words can describe how bad the shit smells afterward. It doesn’t even matter what you ate. You could have had healthy salad all day and this beer will make it smell terrible.


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On the up side, I suppose, unlike the other 3-packs, whose fluid ounce sizes are all universally at 24 oz, this one is at 25 oz instead. You get one extra ounce of smelly beer. Again, it’s not smelly when you drink it ice cold. But if you drink it at room temperature, boy does it smell bad on its way out, whether through # 2 or regular #1.

All in all, unless I wanted to feel gassy or I wanted my farts to smell bad, I probably wouldn’t go for this beer again. I’d much rather just stick to Tecate.

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