Coors Light $5.99 @ Smart & Final

I was originally planning to get another bottle of bottom shelf liquor at my local CVS this week but something bizarre happened while I was there. When I checked the liquor section, surprisingly, nothing was on sale. That was incredibly odd as I had been shopping at CVS for cheap liquor for as long as I started writing blog reviews of bottom shelf liquors, be it whiskey, vodka, rum, or tequila and as soon as I realized that CVS sells some pretty cheap liquors than other pharmacies or supermarkets. It’s amazing. Maybe, I had just went on an odd day: Saturday. Normally, I buy my booze on a Friday night but sometimes, I do buy my booze on a Saturday because something came up and I couldn’t make it on a Friday.


Beer Gift Baskets

Anyway, continuing on that theme I started two weekends ago, I decided to go with the “Silver Bullet.” Admittedly, I like the Silver Bullet. I like it because when this came out from ages of yore, I was originally expecting to taste like Bud Light, which is effectively like drinking carbonated water. As it turns out, Coors Light isn’t quite like that. There’s definitely something there but at the same time, it has a clean taste, goes down easy, and relatively speaking, enjoyable to have compared to Bud Light.


As far as I care to know, Coors Light and Corona Light are the cream of the crop among the light beers I’ve had the opportunity to try thus far. I haven’t tried all the light beers yet since in my area or my part of town, it’s harder to find the other types of “light beers” and given that, it means my options are limited in what I can actually review.

Nevertheless, I can certainly try going to all my local liquor stores to find them, if I really needed to review them. I would rather just not do that though unless I run out of things to review as the prices they charge at liquor stores tend to be a bit higher than supermarkets or pharmacies.

coors-3 carries 110+ unique flask designs.

All in all, among the light beers, I would recommend this, if you’re not a fan of Bud Light. But on the downside, it does leave you with this terrible headache. I’m not sure what it is exactly but whatever it is, it gives you this terrible headache the next day even if you’ve tried to sober up with food and water.

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