Jessa Crispin Offers No Real Solution To Feminist Dilemmas

I was taking a stroll through Google on what mainstream feminism is up to this evening and decided to catch up on those articles that I’ve missed out on these past few months since Trump became our new president of the free world and I discovered an article by Vox: A Feminist Makes a Case Against Feminism written by Sean Illing. The feminist in question happens to be Jessa Crespin and throughout the entire article, I got the sense that she wants feminists and the feminist movement at large to basically go back to the chalking board and repeat what was previously an effective tactic against a largely conservative culture at the time when the First and Second Wave Feminism were slowly proving to be a force to be reckon with in the 1960’s and 70’s in America.

Here’s the problem with that approach: It won’t work when the culture itself is no longer as conservative as it once was. In fact, if anything, American culture has in more recent times become so liberal that taking this feminist movement back to the chalking board and advocating that they should go back to doing what the First and Second Wave Feminists have done will prove to be self-defeating and ultimately, a waste of time. This message in and of itself has been preached by mainstream feminism for a long time now and apparently, she is blissfully (or ignorantly) unaware of it for whatever her reasons are. Mainstream feminism has been pushing their political agenda to be increasingly more radical than ever before since the First and Second Wave’s that advocating for even more radicalism, ultimately leading to extremism and extremist thought, will prove to be more detrimental than beneficial in the long term. Why? Precisely because we have already seen what happens when feminism goes back to the chalking board and advocate for even more radicalism through Third Wave Feminism, aka, modern day feminism or mainstream feminism.

The world we see today, how divorce rates continue to rise, men getting financially raped in the divorce courts when their wives inevitably file for no-fault divorce, child custody battles favoring women and robbing men of their rights and time to their own children, dating and relationships devolving into their more primitive forms of mating and mate selection, how women are out pacing men in applying for and achieving college degrees and jobs in the workplace and how Trump won the presidential election in the USA, this is the result of Third Wave Feminism. It’s definitely unsettling for a lot of the middle class white men, no doubt, but it’s not just white men that are being affected but rather the whole of men, regardless of race, culture, nationality, or religion, as well as women who are not subscribers of any radical forms of feminism.

To put it simply, what she is advocating is essentially the working definition of crazy: Repeating the same action and hoping for different results. Pushing for even more radicalism will not change things for the better. In fact, it will have the opposite effect as we have seen with Trump winning presidential election, if that’s any indicator of back pedaling or regression. You would think that if America was as liberal as it was at the behest of the overarching feminist conglomerate overseeing everything that any single person is doing, that Hillary should have won but that didn’t happen. In fact, Trump won by a LANDSLIDE. And he wasn’t even trying to win. The irony here is that the Third Wave Feminists were the overwhelming majority who voted Trump into office. These “younger feminists” who didn’t align themselves with Hillary’s First and Second Wave Feminism of just a few decades back were also white middle class women. That is the ultimate irony.

Getting back to Jessa Crispin’s interview on Vox though, she does offer one nugget of truth that deserves to be pointed out:

“If you have women in positions of power behaving like men do,” Crispin says, “that is not a defeat of the patriarchy. … That’s just patriarchy with women in it.”

That last sentence is phrased incorrectly by Jessa Crispin though. It’s not “just patriarchy with women in it” as Jessa purports to be the case. There is no more patriarchy with the advent of mainstream feminism. Patriarchy’s reign of terror has been over for a good bit of time now. It’s more like “women are digging up and perpetuating old world patriarchy from ages of yore all over again,” the very thing that feminists are against have been raised from the dead and brought back to life once again for feminists to fight against. If at this point of the article, you’re like “WTF?!?” Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Wasn’t the purpose of feminism to demolish the old world order and replace it with new one, a more progressive one as dictated by Third Wave Feminists? Yes, and they succeeded. Nevertheless, by some backwards Twilight Zone logic, they had also successfully resurrected a form of old world patriarchy who are now being perpetuated and buttressed by women. Calling this a patriarchy is actually a misnomer and is intellectually dishonest for feminists to keep calling this an apple when in actuality, it’s a fucking orange. There is a more accurate word for this. It’s called matriarchy. Stop calling this a patriarchy when it is women who are perpetuating an unjust system that oppresses other women in less privileged states in life.

Nevertheless, this is precisely what’s happening. Since Third Wave Feminism has produced a nation full of women who are not only in positions of power in the corporate world but also in personal relationships and other facets of life, they have successfully replicated the very same form of oppression that was once perpetuated by the old world order, patriarchy, but is now being perpetuated by the progressive new world order that they had created. Wow. What a mind fuck that must be for feminists everywhere, regardless of which form of feminism that they subscribe to.

At the end of the day, if feminists are to learn anything from this, it is this: demolishing and replacing the old world order with a new one isn’t always the best route to go as demolishing what was previously in place for centuries through trial and error of past generations that have proven to work very well despite all their drawbacks will likely lead to history repeating itself. And it did and it still is being repeated at present as feminists are slowly starting to realize.

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