Primator Premium Lager $2.99 @ Bevmo


I wasn’t expecting too much when I saw that Primator had a light lager, which they call a Premium Lager. I’m not sure what’s so premium about it but it tastes fine. I would say that it has a light to medium body. The carbonation is light and it smells hoppy but sadly, it doesn’t taste hoppy. If there are any hops in the beer, it is hardly noticeable.


I think that between this and the Bitburger Premium Beer I had before, arguably, the Bitburger Premium Beer is definitely the more “premium” tasting beer, which is a bit sad because I actually enjoyed the Primator Dark Lager a lot. Plus, there’s this strange taste that I keep getting towards the end of each sip. I’m not sure what to make of it but based on Bevmo’s flavor profile on their website, they describe it as an earthy hops flavor. I personally wouldn’t call it hops nor would I call it earthy. If I had to be blunt about it, this taste is like fresh dirt, which isn’t exactly “earthy” nor does it sound very tasty. It’s not a bad taste though. Just strange to me since I’ve never tasted such a flavor before in a beer of all things to boot.


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This beer does leave a bit of a residue on one’s lips but it doesn’t exactly taste sweet. I would say that it’s on the dry side and it’s fairly easy to drink but aside from that, there’s really not much else to say about this beer. Between this lager and Bitburger Premium, I would choose Bitburger Premium, hands down. No contest insofar as the taste is concerned. Even though this beer is rated at 5% ABV, that’s hardly a plus when the taste doesn’t line up with the name. Nevertheless, for novelty sake, I’d say that you should still give this beer a try.

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