Bacardi Mango $8.99 @ CVS

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I have to hand it to Bacardi for their fruit flavored rums because this is the second fruit flavored rum that I can say that it’s pretty decent. Like the Bacardi Tangerine that I had previously, it really does smell and taste like a mango. It’s quite smooth, hardly a hint of any burning sensation until it hits your intestines, and for all intents and purposes, it does the job with getting you drunk. It’s not a full 40 proof like other liquors but the trade off makes this easier to drink this neat. Straight off the bat, the regular price is just $9.99 but since it was on sale for $8.99, I decided to give it a try. You may recall that the sale price of the Bacardi Tangerine used to be at $7.97 once upon a time but that, I’m afraid is no longer the case. It’s not much of a savings, per se, but hey, that’s $1 more that I could use for other things like munchies or a sparkling water to go with this.

This time around though, I didn’t buy sparkling water but instead went over to my local Dollar Tree which is diagonally across the street from my local CVS to get some $1 energy drinks to go with it instead. Moving on.

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When I decided to add ice to this sucker, just like the Bacardi Tangerine, it brings out this odd chemical flavor. Unlike the tangerine one, the mango’s strange chemical flavor wasn’t nearly as apparently, which is good. Nevertheless, that odd taste was still there. Doing so also seemed to make the rum taste just a tad bit sweeter, which again, is a bit odd.

And then when I mixed this with the energy drink, oh boy, get ready for a world of weird ass flavors. Let me tell you, rum and energy drinks just don’t go well together. It might just be that since this is a fruit flavored rum that when combined with an energy drink, the flavors between the two repel each other. Who knows? I just know that it didn’t go all that well together.

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All in all, I think that you would be better off just sipping on this rum by itself with no ice whatsoever but then again, it might just go better with some orange juice. And to top it off, even if this wasn’t for sale, I think this and the tangerine is worth a try at least once. It’s unbelievably smooth for a sub-$10 bottle of liquid courage, which is simply unheard of for liquors at this price range.

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