Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout $3.99 @ BevMo

When I first saw this beer on the shelves of BevMo, I just thought, “Oatmeal Stout has got to be an interesting taste.” Upon cracking open the bottle though and taking a whiff of it, I can’t really tell if there’s any oatmeal in this. Then when I took my first sip, I want to say that this beer reminds me of Newcastle. It’s nutty, as strange as that sounds for an Oatmeal Stout, but I can’t really tell if there’s oatmeal in this. In fact, I’m not sure what oatmeal is supposed to taste like in beer form, for that matter. But if it tastes anything like the oatmeal found in, well, regular oatmeal or oatmeal cookies, this does not fit either description.


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I want to say that after your first few sips, you’ll begin noticing the roasted barley taste as well as hints of hops but it’s not really immediately apparent in the first two sips. And surprisingly, this bottle doesn’t have the ABV (alcohol by volume) noted anywhere on the label itself. But if I had to rate it by estimation, I’d say it’s on the higher end. If domestic beers are rated between 4.2%-4.7%, I would say this Samuel Smith is between 5%-6% ABV. I’m only a few sips in but I am already feeling the effects of the alcohol hitting my body.


Lastly, there is a bit of a bittersweet finish towards the end of each sip. You feel it on the sides of your tongue. There’s also not much of a carbonation to this beer either.

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All things considered, I would buy this beer again but not for the oatmeal tasting factor. Rather, it’s like a better tasting Newcastle with slightly higher ABV.

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