Speyburn 10 Yr Scotch Whisky $19.99 @ CVS

It isn’t everyday that I walk over to CVS’s liquor and wine aisle and see a bottle of a 10 year aged scotch whisky for under $20 and when I saw this, I immediately thought, “This has to be a pricing error.” Why? Because anything that’s aged that long is usually a whole lot more expensive. In the sub-$30 range, the best that you can expect to find is a 3 year aged bottle of anything, be it whiskey, rum, vodka, or tequila. To be fair though, I think it might just be this particular CVS nearby where I live in Lincoln Heights that is a bit special relative to other CVS locations but I could be wrong. It might justbe that every CVS has great liquor deals like this store.


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It’s a fancy bottle of scotch though. It comes in a tall cylindrical tin can like a taller version of the can of Pringles and the spout is wrapped with a green foil with the brand logo imprinted on it. The cap is a like a corkscrew cap similar to Knob Creek’s style of a twist off cork.



I have to say though, the smell is powerful. I’m actually not sure how to describe the smell other than it being a powerful smell and it has a faint sweet swell to it. And I’ve never had a single malt scotch whisky before. To be honest, this is the first one that I’ve ever had that I personally bought for myself to enjoy. Normally, I just stick to the cheaper stuff because, well, that’s the whole point of this blog to start with. But as time went on, I realized that I was running out of things to review as I slowly cleared out all the sub-$10 range liquors. Thus began my journey into reviewing the sub-$20 range of liquors and I still got a lot of ways to go, which is good.

It’s a clean taste but the first sip is, by far, the most flavorful sip of scotch I’ve had in a long while so far as whiskey is concerned. (By the way, let me take a side tangent for a moment to talk about the different ways of spelling the word “whiskey.” Me personally? I’m used to spelling the word with the “e” before the “y” but lately, depending on which brand of whiskey I’m buying, I’ve seen it spelled without the “e”. Just for the sake of consistency though, I’m going to stick to spelling it with the “e” as opposed to without but the title of this blog post will be spelled without the “e” since the bottle itself spells it that way.)


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This is definitely a sipping whiskey. No water or ginger ale needed. In fact, no carbonated flavored water needed either since there’s no harsh aftertaste. It’s literally a clean taste. There’s a bit of a tingly burn on the tip of your tongue and a bit of kick in the back of the palate similar to the spiciness of rye whiskey. Again, I choose to use Knob Creek as a point of reference because out of all the sub-$10 and sub-$20 whiskey’s, Knob Creek serves as a good, basic foundation for what rye whiskey should taste like. Bulleit is another good one as well but Bulleit also makes a bourbon version in addition to their rye whiskey but I dgiress. Point being, I’m saying that this single malt, 10 year aged scotch shares similar characteristics to a rye whiskey.

Unlike the blended whiskey’s that I’ve had, this single malt, you can actually taste the malt. And I mean it in a good way. In a way, it’s like drinking a beer except it’s clear, not carbonated, and packs more of a punch. Interestingly enough, the first beer that comes to mind that has this similar malt taste is Kirin Ichiban. This is the taste in the middle part of my palate that I’m feeling on my tongue and taste buds. I like the taste.

All in all, I would strongly encourage you to give this 10 year single malt scotch a try. It is probably the best scotch I’ve had by far.

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