Pinnacle Tropical Punch Flavored Vodka $ 6.97 @ CVS

Here’s another sub-$10 bottle of flavored vodka whose brand doesn’t ring any bells. Like LUX or any of the bottom shelf no name or store brand liquors, Pinnacle strikes me as a copy cat of LUX. It’s made by a different distillery, no doubt, and its name does not inspire confidence: Portfield Importers of Deerfield, IL, USA. When I think about importers, I don’t think “domestic,” you know what I mean? So I do find it strange that the distillery is called “Portfield Importers.”


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Upon cracking open this bottle, I get this strong whiff of tropical punch followed by that classic alcohol smell, that is, the smell of cheap ass vodka. It’s just a pungent smell and it’s really unmistakable after I’ve tried this many bottom shelf liquors in the past year or so. And goodness is this one harsh vodka. It’s like this distillery decided that they didn’t waste their failed batches of vodka so they threw in some tropical punch flavoring and hope this thing sells. Frankly, at its regular retail price, which is just above $10, I wouldn’t buy this. But at its sale price of $6.97 that I saw at the CVS sales counter table in the middle of the liquor section, shoot, why not? At worst, it’ll just be another bad batch of horrible tasting liquor but if your main goal is to get drunk, this, like all the other one’s will do the job just fine.

pinnacle 1.jpg

On my first sip, Jesus Christ, it burns. It burns on its way in and keeps burning all the way down the gullet. This is some really cheap quality vodka. I’d lump it together with LUX level of cheap vodka. Adding ice doesn’t exactly make it any better. If anything, adding ice actually separates the tropical flavor from the vodka, which, strangely enough heightens the harshness of the vodka while leaving you with this syrupy texture of tropical punch on your palate and not in a good way either. Now, I personally like tropical punch as a flavor but not in this vodka and definitely not how they make it.

Then when I tried it with tangerine lime sparkling water, it made the vodka just barely acceptable to drink. This flavored vodka is really meant for mixing. Don’t bother trying to sip it neat or sip it with ice. Add ice, get a mixer and mix this flavored vodka with something. You’ll thank me for it.

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Overall, if I had to do all over again, I probably wouldn’t buy this vodka but if all you care about is getting drunk, like the other sub-$10 liquors, this would do it just fine.
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