Why Women in Committed Relationships Should Be Allowed to Sleep Around

I’ve been thinking about the polyamory article that I wrote some time ago and the more I think about it, the more it makes sense that women and men in committed relationships should allow each other to sleep around but at their own respective expenses. More importantly, for women, it is often times shared among themselves that they always have a Plan B or Plan C or Plan D and usually, those backup plans are the best friends of the guy that they are committed to. This is a universal truth.  On the guy’s side, there’s usually no such connection because on the flip side, the girl in the committed relationship has girlfriends who are usually a lot uglier than they are. And for good reason too. Why surround yourself around equally pretty women when in a committed relationship? That’s just unnecessary competition for attention and affection from said guy who is committed (or is going to commit) to said woman. Plus, by the time the guy commits, there’s really no good reason for her to involve her female friends in their lives anyway but the guys are different. They want to share the “good news” with all of their closest male friends. That’s just how it is with men. Men are all about showing off their new found prize and trophies to whoever cares to listen and usually the one’s that do care are their best guy friends.

Moving on. It’s also considered a universal truth that when women are in a committed relationship, they are more prone to seek out extra marital affairs even if they aren’t married (but this is especially true when they are married) because their boyfriends (or husbands) spend a great deal of their time trying to rake in more money to make both of their lives better. Given that, it seems like a natural transition for these women, at least from the perspective of the traditional dating model (which while largely obsolete and severely crippled by modern day feminism still exists in some rudimentary form) to consider the best guy friends of said guy that they are committed to as the one’s that they should “cheat with” since they usually are going to be one’s that they will cheat with anyway.

And the guy in said committed relationship should actually openly encourage this behavior because why let his significant other sleep with other men who are total strangers to her that can be potentially detrimental to her well being and safety when there are his guy friends who he knows and trusts with his life? At this point, you might be thinking to yourself, “Man, this guy must be smoking some serious crack or something,” but I’m actually dead serious. Why would a man allow his significant other be around total strangers when he knows that he can trust his best guy friends? In all likelihood, his best guy friends will give her the same attention and affection the guy in said committed relationship already does with her because, well, when dudes have achieved that level of brotherhood with each other, that’s what they do for each other.

There is a caveat that I want to point out here. The caveat is that the woman in said committed relationship should also openly encourage her man to go out and sleep with other women as he pleases, if he has, for instance, an unusually high sex drive, which most men do. Not all, but certainly most men have high sex drives and are usually down for a romp in the hay sack, so to speak. And this is especially true for those men who are genetically predisposed to want to cheat. This way, both the guy and gal in a committed relationship gets their needs fulfilled in ways that the traditional dating model of monogamy does not allow and it removes the shame and guilt from wanting to sleep with other people besides the one that they are committed to because human nature will drive that instinct to do just that anyway. Plus, this precise sort of dating trend is already taking place among the Millenial and younger generations as I type this article so there’s even less and less of a reason to continue following the traditional model.

It bears noting here that I’m not talking about mere “wife swapping” or “partner swapping,” which has their own community, social brick-and-mortar clubs, and internet forums dedicated to just such an activity. That is a different beast in and of itself because the whole idea of wife swapping or partner swapping still rests on the traditional model of monogamy, which is precisely why any time such an arrangement is made between the couple and even after discussing the “boundaries” and “rules,” things invariably come crashing down when one or the other in the relationship is relatively more insecure than the other: more often, this would be the woman rather than the guy. (Although, it also bears noting that may be changing as well, thanks to feminism creating new generations of men who are, by traditional standards of manliness, more feminine than the generations that came before them). What I’m talking about requires one to go to the source of the problem: monogamy. Feminism has already tore asunder the basic framework of monogamy: chivalry and gender double standards. Without them, monogamy cannot realistically exist for much longer and if it does happen to continue to exist, it’s like a car running on 3 cylinders rather than 4. It’ll still start and drive alright, but not without constant hiccups along the way until it crashes into oblivion, which is basically what’s happening with today’s dating scene in the Western hemisphere.

Getting back on track, this idea that I’m advocating requires one to take a fundamentally different approach to relationships. And it starts at the individual level, rather than at the couple relationship level. It also requires one to give up traditional ideas of monogamy and marriage as dictated and enforced by society, government, and your own peers. In short, it requires a whole paradigm shift, which understandably, may be hard to grasp and understand at first but becomes normalized with constant, steady practice. Or to use a “well-known feminist phrase,” it requires our ‘consciousness’ to be raised. Except the only difference here is that you’ll actually be going along with what your natural human instincts are telling you to do rather than using your consciousness and awareness of your own consciousness to subdue it or minimize it in some way.

So the next time you’re in that predicament where you’re thinking about cheating, consider this alternative option and make that the foundation of the relationship rather than monogamy. It seems like such an obvious solution for a very common problem that all couples go through. The honeymoon phase only lasts so long, which is precisely why it’s called a “phase” rather than a state of being. And when that phase is over, a plateau naturally occurs and thus begins the next boring “going through the motions” routine that all couples end up at. This is when cheating is most likely to happen and it usually starts out innocently for both the guy and the gal in said relationship. Things happen at work or while shopping and boom, an affair starts. Then the drifting away, distancing oneself and denial begins, which is when jealousy, suspicion, and ultimate breakdown of a relationship takes full swing from there. Why go through all that when one can just acknowledge that it is human nature to want to cheat and start off the conversation with that as the start? And then move from there with respect to encouraging each other to sleep with other people (but not just sleep, rather emotionally bond also), namely, within one’s social circle to scratch that itch that both guys and gals in a relationship go through? And no matter how loving one can be and how active either person in a relationship tries to “keep the spice” up, invariably, that will end up as a routine as well.

Ultimately, this will also resolve the whole “friendzone” issue that men and women are encountering in the dating scene, which will make the whole dating thing fun again, like it’s supposed to be. And relationships ought to be fun as well. Why not? This idea will “kill two birds” with one stone, so to speak. Not only will dating and relationships be virtually pressure free under this paradigm but it will also allow one’s true selves to be shown through while also making it inclusive for the immediate social circle to partake in the bonding for increased enrichment of everyone’s lives.

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