Flying Horse Royal Lager Beer $3.69 @ Bevmo

This might come as a surprise to you but I actually like drinking IPA’s (India Pale Ale’s) as opposed to the domestic stuff or even, to an extent, the imported stuff. Nevertheless, it just depends on what my mood is. So today, I decided to try out this beer called the Flying Horse Royal Lager, which is a product of India, according to the label and is rated at a respectable 4.7% ABV. That’s 0.1% higher than a PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon).


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This beer is actually rather malty but despite that, it’s quite easy to drink. Carbonation is pretty low, as usual, for imported beers and this one happens to be on the dry side, as I don’t seem to get much of a sticky residue from sipping on this beer. Upon popping the cap off, the smell is actually rather sour but it doesn’t taste sour, which I find somewhat interesting. I don’t really taste much else besides the malt. Not much of a tingling sensation on the sides of my palate. I would say that it goes down just as easy as an American lager.


The bottle itself is actually pretty nice looking. Gold foil wrapping the top similar to the Golden Pheasant with even a little fold-in label wrapped around the top with a yellow string that tells you a bit more about the story behind this lager. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this beer, seeing that it is a product of India. Not that I have little faith in beer made from India but rather I didn’t know that India even bothered to make their own beer since the British has been a part of Indian culture for a good two centuries. I figured that they would just have the British make their beers but apparently, this company, United Breweries Ltd decided it wasn’t enough and made their own beer instead.

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I like it but there are plenty of other beers with similar flavor profiles that are cheaper than this beer. Nevertheless, I think it worth trying at least once.

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