Goo Wak Jai is a fairly common Chinese word meaning “rascal,” “troublemaker,” or someone who is sly, devious, and/or clever. The traditional usage of this word actually refers to someone that belongs to the triads, which would be the equivalent of a thug or gangster in the West. As such, it isn’t unusual for the name to carry a sort of negative connotation at least insofar as Chinese folks are concerned. But for this blog, which covers a wide range of topics, some controversial, some personal, and some useful and practical, I’m using this word to imply its root word “Goo Wak,” which can mean “clever,” “complex,” and/or “shape-shifting.” And “Jai” which literally means a boy but colloquially, it can mean a young man or, relatively speaking, a younger man as opposed to an older man.

I’m a Chinese American guy living in Los Angeles who enjoys noticing the often times paradoxical nature of the dating scene in the West, how Western feminism and other social and/or cultural ideas in the West helped contribute to a paradigm shift in people’s attitudes on anything and everything, and sharing my observations about them. Besides writing about these controversial ideas, I also like sharing a bit about my personal life with regards to dating, my ideas on dating and relationships, and my love for liquors of all kinds but by far, whiskey, and particularly Irish whiskey is my favorite liquor of choice. I enjoy trying out a variety of liquors from the bottom shelf to the top shelf that money can buy, then writing about them. So I hope you find some of them useful, practical, or at least entertaining.

In the future, I may start including my personal experiences of restaurants, bars, and businesses local to where I live but by far, my favorite spots that I like to hit up are in Little Tokyo and the San Gabriel Valley (which includes Alhambra, Monterey Park, San Gabriel, Rosemead, Arcadia, Temple City, and the surrounding areas). Along with that, I may also start including some product reviews of things that I find most useful, the best bang for your buck, and trying to give as objective a point of view as I can so you can really get an idea of what you’ll be getting yourself into if you choose to buy them on my recommendation.

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