Blog Disclosure Policy: Goo Wak Jai

As you may know, this blog is mostly a personal blog that talks about the things that I enjoy talking about: whiskey, liquor, dating, relationships, women, my personal life, and feminism. As I move on from these topics, I may start including other topics of interest (very likely controversial ones and some not so controversial ones). The point I’m making here is that these are my ideas, my conjectures, my endorsements, and my works at the end of the day. And as such, they are copyrighted. This is the part where I say that “All Rights Are Reserved.” Yes. All Rights Are Reserved. Copyright 2007-2016. So if you’re going to use any part of my blog in your blog or website or online project, please give credit where credit is due and notify me by email before you go about doing that.

Now, I’m writing this disclosure policy for a number of reasons:

1) I plan on monetizing my website or my website is already monetized via affiliate links from Amazon and other comparable advertising affiliates. Those links are there for your convenience whenever I review a product that I know that I use and that I’ve enjoyed using it and so, therefore, I would recommend it, if you’re in the market looking for said products. You are under no obligation to click on them and buy something. But the option is there and if you do, I get a small percentage of that as commission so if you liked my blog and what I write, I would be extremely grateful.

2) I want you, the reader, to understand that while I do enjoy blogging about my personal life and the things I enjoy talking about and engaging with folks on my page, I do not collect any personal information, if applicable, about you except the cookies that browsers would normally save as a part of its normal function when you go from one website to another. So if that bothers you, please delete your cookies and/or setup your browser such that it won’t allow this website and my advertisers and/or ad networks to track you via the use of cookies.

3) Any information gained from said cookies via browsers will be used for my personal monetary gain in one manner, form, function or another.

4) If at present or in the future, anyone or any company or organization decides to give me freebies to review, they will be at my sole discretion and I will review it as I see fit. So if they happen to be positive, I will say so. And if they happen to be negative, I will say so as well. For all intents and purposes though, you can safely assume that if I’m recommending it on any of my pages in my blog and i’m providing a affiliate link to it, I’m getting paid for it, if you do click and buy.

5) The Federal Trade Commission requires me to say so, if I’m getting paid in one form or another to endorse their products and/or services. Basically, if I am or did receive a product and/or service via an organization other than myself, I will say so in my blog before I go onto giving you my two cents on the subject matter. And if I have not but it was a freebie given by an organization, then it will be corrected in the future.

And that’s a rap, folks! I hope you stay tuned to my blog for anything and everything related to my love for whiskey and liquor, my ramblings on life, dating, relationships, women, and feminism, and whatever else that piques my interest. This disclosure policy will be updated and revised as I go along now and in the future to reflect whatever evolution this blog will undergo, have undergone, or will yet undergo.