Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider $3.99 @ Bevmo

I guess I was feeling adventurous one weekend and decided to buy some Samuel Smith Organic Cider for a change from the usual liquor and beer reviews I’ve been doing. It’s not everyday that I talk about this but I do like sweet things, be it soda, fruit juice, candy, or chocolate. But admittedly, I’ve given up soda, candy, and chocolate for quite some time now. The only thing that I would consume these days that are sweet are artificial sweeteners or fruit juice or zero sugar sweetened tea. Or really, zero sugar anything, I would drink. Then when it comes to beer, liquor and/or wine, I’ll give myself an exception to that since I don’t really drink all that much anymore except when I do my reviews.


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Nevertheless, I do tend to pound beers on Friday nights with friends but I wouldn’t really consider beer, at least the domestic stuff that I drink in social settings, as sweet things. Anyway, this apple cider actually strikes me as a bit on the sweet end and in a good way. You know how some ales are sickly sweet to the point that all you taste is that sickly sweet flavor? Yea, Samuel Smith didn’t do it like that. In fact, I would say it’s a perfect balance of crispness and sweet apple taste to it. Once again, carbonation is on the light side and really, this cider doesn’t really need much to it unless it’s trying to hide some harsh flavors. I would say that this particular apple cider is leaning on the light-to-medium body. Other apple ales or apple ciders (Redd’s and Wyder’s immediately come to mind) tend to be medium bodied but not this one. Maybe it’s because they use organically grown apples to make the ale. Who knows? But I think it makes a difference in its taste of wholesome apples.


Even though it’s sweet to the palate, I find that it doesn’t really leave much of a sticky residue on one’s lips, which is a plus in my books. On top of that, I find that it leaves a bit of a bitterness on the sides of one’s palate, which only serve to heighten the sweet apple flavors. The ABV is set at a respectable 5.0%, which lends itself a bit of bite with each sip that I can appreciate.

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Overall, I really like this apple cider. It’s rare that I say this but this is definitely an apple cider I wouldn’t mind buying in a 6-pack and drinking regularly.

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