Smirnoff Ice Green Apple Really Does Taste Like a Sweet Green Apple

Smirnoff Ice has yet to fail me and this drink is no exception. Smirnoff Ice, for those of you who don’t know, is kind of like malt liquor except it’s toned down on the alcohol content and usually mixed with some sort of fruity flavor. In this case, it’s green apple and it’s probably by far my favorite. On top of that, it’s lightly carbonated and in a way, it’s like drinking an apple soda.


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The sweetness is not overtly sweet. I would say it’s about right in the middle and is really balanced between the acidity, sweetness, and alcohol bite. It’s one of those alcoholic drinks that you never really get tired of and can just keep drinking bottle after bottle. Well, at least for me. This drink reminds me of “Not Your Father’s Root Beer.” It’s like the same consistency and mouth feel except rather than green apple, it’s root beer. You can have one sip of that and all you can really think about is that it tastes like a regular root beer but in reality, it’s a spiked root beer, which makes it deadly in some ways, just like this Smirnoff Ice Green Apple.


It’s rated at a moderate 4.5% ABV, which is about the same as a typical mass produced American beer. Now thinking back, I vaguely remember drinking this a lot and I remember having a serious hangover because the sugary content really gets the body dehydrated on top of the alcohol.

It’s actually really easy to drink this but I would say that about half way through the bottle, you’ll start to realize that it gets your mouth really sticky and thus, may make it a bit harder to swallow with time because mucous membrane in your throat start to thicken as well. Just something to keep in mind. Probably not any more than drinking Not Your Father’s Root Beer or a particular yeasty beer but still, it’s just something to watch out for.

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All in all, I would definitely buy this again. It’s really hard to go wrong with Smirnoff Ice unless you don’t enjoy drinking sweet beverages with booze in it.

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