The Evolution of Dating

Dating in the new millennium is definitely different from when dating used to follow a more traditional, chivalrous path from just a few decades back. Guy asks girl out on a date and plans out the whole date from start to finish. Guy buys her flowers, picks her up, and they both have a good time. But those days are done and gone forever. They might still exist on some level in certain sheltered social bubbles scattered throughout society but, by and large, this traditional style of dating is no longer practiced in today’s society.

And I think this is the new normal in the dating world. See why that’s the case by reading the articles below:

  1. Nice guys are not valued in society anymore
  2. Women shun the “Nice Girl” label with a vengeance
  3. The rise, dominance, and encouragement of slut culture

On top of that, women have been evolving at a rapid pace since the turn of the millennium. There are now more women graduating from universities than men. There are now more women in the workforce than men. And women are now earning more than men. Effectively, women are outpacing men in every aspect of life in Western society. By these sheer facts among various other things, women by the tens of thousands have begun doing more and more of the following:

  1. Women using men for their own selfish gain
  2. Women no longer following social dating conventions
  3. Women making excuses for the bad behaviors of other women

This isn’t to say though that the opposite gender never committed any of the above things. There are always some exceptions but, by and large, those folks were largely in the minority. In other words, it happened so infrequently within the general population that it didn’t really affect any specific gender on any grand scale, length, or depth.

All these changes are actually the result of feminism hitting the mainstream and becoming the primary driving force behind women’s decisions these days. Read more about this here: Feminism and Dating