Feminism has been a part of Western culture for as long as Western civilization first begun. It may not have been called that and perhaps didn’t even have a definite face with a precise definition to go along with it but it’s always been there.

Here, you will find a wide range of topics that involve, in my opinion, feminism in the deepest parts of Western society and sharing my personal observations and conjectures on how feminism has had an effect on me, in personal relationships between people, and at the societal level as well as how it affects people between classes, races, sexual orientations, nationalities, and other factors.

Much of what you’ll see below are the result of my analysis based on research and personal observations within my social circle and sphere of influence as well as an outside party looking into this bubble of ideas that is feminism. You may well find yourself wondering what is the precise definition of feminism as you read my articles, which is a good thing. It’s good to ponder and to question the definition of feminism and what feminism ought to mean. A healthy dose of skepticism and critical thinking goes a long way to unwrapping this seemingly innocent but yet convoluted movement of ideas.

Hopefully, you will find my articles illuminating or at least entertaining while also learning something new that hasn’t previously been said in other articles you might find on the World Wide Web. If you do, and you want to use some part of it in your article, please give credit where credit is due. It would be greatly appreciated. A simple “link back” to my website to that particular article as well as mentioning who wrote it originally will suffice.

Feminism and Dating

In the most broadest yet specific of examples, it may help you better understand in what ways feminism has affected society. I think the most obvious arena is the dating scene:

Why Gender Roles Matter

Why Converting Men to Feminists is a Bad Idea

Why Traditional Dating is Dead

The Birth of a New Way of Dating

Men’s Response to the New Dating Scene

The Various Faces Of Feminism

Feminism has certainly been evolving at a rapid pace since a half century ago. Nowhere else in time within Western civilization have you seen an idea change from one thing to the next in just a matter of years and continue to transform itself like feminism (except religion, of course):

Feminism and Equality

Different Flavors of Feminism

Feminism Is Like A Cockroach–It Just Won’t Die

Feminism Will Remain an Intricate Part of Western Society

The Feminist Wars Against The Male Gender

People are apt to believe that feminism is a pretty innocuous (harmless) movement of ideas aimed to produce good for the benefit of all but in reality, their more extreme factions’ actions are perpetually being justified by the larger (and more moderate) movement, however harmful of a form that they may take:

Feminists Versus Men’s Rights Activists

Feminists Versus Male-Dominated Space

Feminists Versus MGTOW

Feminism’s Effects on the WorkForce

With women outpacing and replacing men in previously male-dominated industries, the workforce takes on a new face. And with a new face, comes new challenges that men and women have never faced before.

Why More Women Need to Step Up and Replace the Shrinking Workforce

Feminism’s Effects on Society

How Feminism Affects Falling Birthrates