All Day IPA Tastes Like a Dumbed Down Version of Fat Tire

I’ve never been a fan of Fat Tire and when I tried All Day IPA for the first time, that’s what came to mind. All Day IPA seems to suggest that you can keep drinking this IPA all day. Literally! It actually does pack that hops flavor in the first sip and it does linger long after it has gone down the gullet but not nearly as bad as Fat Tire Belgian Style Ale. Nevertheless, drinking this all day might be stretching it. I’m sure by the second or third pint of this stuff, you’d be numb enough to its hoppy aftertaste but I digress.


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That hops flavor though, it really hits you in the middle of the palate after each sip. And if you spray it all over your palate, you really get that tingling sensation on the sides of your tongue so depending on what you like or dislike, you may find that tingling sensation (I would call it bitterness) unsettling or a pleasant surprise. The good news is that the tingling sensation doesn’t really stick around like it does after its gone down the gullet in the back of your throat. I personally don’t like strong hoppy flavors that linger anywhere on my palate but that’s just me. However, I don’t mind if other flavors linger.


For instance, if the beer was flavored with fruity accents or coffee or chocolate flavors, I am A-Okay with those flavors lingering since I like the taste and the feeling of those flavors. Hops, unfortunately, isn’t one of them. Don’t get me wrong though. Not to say that I don’t like hops. I actually do but what I don’t like are hops that just refuses to leave you alone once it has served its purpose. It’s actually kind of hard to perfect such a recipe where the hops gives you that kick in the mouth while also giving you a full flavor profile but doesn’t stick around long after you’ve tasted all of that.

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Fat Tire is really heavy on the hops side of things and that, for the most part, is what you taste in your mouth the entire time. You can’t really taste anything else. This is like milder version of Fat Tire while also improving on that formula elsewhere.

All in all, for $2.99, I’d say that you should give it a shot to see if you like this but I probably wouldn’t buy this again.

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