Seven Different Types of Bottle Openers

Scouring the internet, I’ve identified about seven different major types of bottle openers that you’ll probably be able to find pretty easily when looking for a bottle opener. And they come in a variety of colors, configurations, styles, and sizes. Here’s a quick rundown of all that’s available should you be in the market looking for a bottle opener:

1. The Traditional Bottle Opener

Traditional Bottle Opener.jpg

It’s a fairly simple style. It’s elongated (measuring between 4 to 6 inches), usually made of stainless steel, and on one end, there is the bottle opener “mouth” while the other end has a hole which will allow you to hang it on a wall for storage keeping. It does the job for opening bottles but the disadvantage is the size and length. It’s really only meant for home use and not something that you would carry around with you.

2. The Bottle Opener Keychain

Bottle Opener Keychain.jpg

The vast majority of these bottle opener keychains are made of hard plastic, which are both lightweight and colorful. There are lots of options to choose from, if they are made of plastic. On the other hand, if they are made of metal, usually stainless steel or some sort of aluminum alloy and/or zinc alloy are the dominant metal types that you’ll find. In general though, if it’s a bottle opener keychain, it’ll most likely be made of plastic and there’s lots of different styles to choose from. They can be made in the shape of an animal like a shark or dolphin or even a Betty-picturesque shaped bottle opener keychain.

3. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener.jpg

These are typically seen in bars and/or restaurants with a bar in their retail space. They are a pretty neat contraption, if you need to open bottles of beers quickly. Since they are wall-mounted, all you need to do is put the bottle in the hole and with a quick upward motion, pop the top off and it’ll drop down into the waste basket down below, thus saving you the slight hassle of manually holding the bottle and bottle opener to remove the top. Or, if you have your own in-home bar, these wall-mounted bottle openers can add a bit of an style accent to your overall in-home bar look. These are usually made of stainless steel or cast iron, or some combination of metal alloy but the fact remains that they are usually attached to a solid, sturdy wall, because otherwise, this wall-mounted bottle opener wouldn’t be of much use. They tend to be quite bulky too so obviously, these are not meant to be portable like the bottle opener keychains.

4. Ring Bottle Openers

Ring Bottle Opener.png

Here is where things get pretty interesting insofar as bottle openers are concerned. This is where makers of bottle openers start getting creative, which is absolutely wonderful for the avid beer drinker since it gives them a bit more of a variety than the traditional bottle openers, the bottle opener keychains, and wall-mounted bottle openers. These ring bottle openers basically allow you to open up a beer bottle using an actual ring where the bottle opener mouth is located on top (or on the bottom, depending on how you wear your ring). I think these ring bottle opener are pretty innovative, except the whole part where not everyone’s fingers will fit into these rings and work the way that they thought it would. I get that the average ring size is a 7 for most folks but sometimes, that’s not always the case. My fingers are huge and sadly, these ring bottle openers are pretty useless for folks who are a bit on the large side or just have unusually sized fingers like mine.

5. Knife Bottle Opener

Knife Bottle Opener.jpg

The idea of a knife bottle opener isn’t really a new concept. The Swiss Army Knife with its various tools all in one knife has been around for quite some time. But the idea of an actual knife made for the purposes of, say, outdoor usage or survival that also happens to have a bottle opener as a part of its function is, I suppose, relatively new. This one above just happens to have the bottle opener on the handle but it could have been just as easily made to be on the blade itself. And it could have been a regular K-Bar knife or a classic folding knife that has the bottle opener built into the handle or the blade.

6. Cellphone Case Bottle Opener

Cellphone Case Bottle Opener.jpg

The creativity is really starting shine when the cellphone case bottle opener was introduced into the market. Now me personally? I don’t know when it was formally introduced into the market but one odd day out of the week some time ago, when I researching different types of bottle openers, I came across the cellphone case bottle opener, which is an eye-opening take of the classic credit card bottle opener because the concept is the same. Cellphones are things that we usually carry with us all the time so why not make a case that has a built-in bottle opener function? Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

7. Credit Card Bottle Opener


Maybe it’s because I’m a bit old-fashioned but I personally like the credit card bottle opener above all the above. For one thing, it fits right in my wallet and whenever I need, I can pull it out and use it. Then when done, I can put it right back. And everyday, when I go out, I know my wallet will be coming with me. My keys? Sure, they’ll come with me too but there are days when I just want to go out for a walk and bring the barest necessities with me: wallet and keys, and this is where the credit card bottle opener really shines. I already know my credit cards and paper money will be a certain weight so adding the credit card bottle opener to my wallet won’t make that much of a difference in weight but keys on the other hand? These are made of metal. And metal is heavy, relatively speaking. When I add even a hard plastic bottle opener keychain, that’s another bulky item in my pocket with my keys. But the credit card bottle opener, I know the shape of my wallet will be no matter what: namely square or rectangle, depending on what type of wallet that you carry but mine is square so I can rest easy that when my bottle opener goes in there, I won’t have this bulky, irregular sized item swinging around in my pockets like my keys.

And that about sums it up for all the major different types of bottle openers that you’ll find in the market and on the intenet. There are certainly more types of bottle openers but the vast majority will take one of the seven different forms of bottle openers in the above.

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