Montejo Cerveza Clara Imported Mexican Beer $1.99 @ 99 Ranch

Where to begin for this beer? I’ve had my share of Mexican beers: Tecate, Modelo, Corona, Victoria, Dos Equis, Pacifico, and even Estrella Jalisco, which was the most recent Mexican beer that I’ve had and I’d say it’s very similar in taste to Estrella Jalisco, if I had to be perfectly honest. In fact, the resemblance between the two is astonishingly close. The one difference that I’ve noticed with this beer, relative to Estrella Jalisco, is that there’s a bit of “spicy taste” to it, which I find a bit odd.


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I might be confusing this taste with what I had for lunch earlier (spicy pasta) but still, this distinct “spice” taste is lingering for whatever odd reason. I’m trying really hard to remember this other beer that had this exact same taste minus the American lager mouth feel that I’m feeling on my palate. Dare I say, it tastes almost like a Bud Clamato Picante minus the Clamato. Or maybe even the Modelo equivalent, which I’ve had fairly recently, which was the Modelo Chelada minus the Tamarindo Chelada taste. That taste is hard to forget. Very distinct, which is why I’m glad that I had the Modela Chelada and Bud Clamato Picante first before I got to Montejo Cerveze Clara.


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Spinning the can around, I see that this can of Montejo Cerveza Clara is made by none other than Modelo. Of course it is! The more I sip on this, the more it becomes clear to me that this is basically the Modelo Chelada minus the Tamarindo. It’s like the sweet and salty aspects have been removed while retaining the spicy aspects. How incredibly odd, indeed.

This is rated at a very sad 4.5% ABV. Granted, it’s still higher than some of the American domestic beers but…that’s not saying much, especially when the flavor profile is so lacking. I mean, taste-wise, it really isn’t that much different than a typical, domestic, American lager. Mind you, it’s easy to drink and goes down smoothly for the most part, despite it being very carbonated and aside from that spicy taste, there’s not much else to it.


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All in all, it’s ok. I’d probably rank it at about the same as Estrella Jalisco. It’s better tasting than a Tecate but…again, that’s not saying much. For novelty sake, I’d say you should give it a try but me personally? I’ll stick with a Modelo or Corona instead.

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