Clancy’s Kettle Chips Original $1.79 @ Aldi

When kettle chips first came out in the late 90’s, I couldn’t understand what was all the rage. I couldn’t justify paying the additional cost of extra crunchy chips but I guess some people like that extra crunch and consider that a plus over regular potato chips. Me personally? I didn’t get into eating kettle chips until the mid 2000’s and my first was probably Tim’s Cascade Style Kettle Chips. Afterward, I had tried out Miss Vickies and Hawaiian and then finally I got around to the end all, be all “king” of kettle chips, which is simply called “Kettle Brand Chips.”


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Out of the four that I’ve tried in the past, I still prefer Tim’s Kettle Chips over everything. The only issue? They charge these exorbitant prices for such a small bag of chips. I mean, at the prices that they charge, I could get two or more of an off brand kettle chips. Same would be true for the Kettle Brand Chips. Pure highway robbery. Don’t get me wrong though. I think the ingredients and the way the chips are made for both of these brands are clearly superior over the Miss Vickies and Hawaiian brand of kettle chips but the latter offer something the former two do not. Different flavors. Not just different flavors but flavors that neither Tim’s or Kettle’s would normally offer.


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Now, I get to try Clancy’s Kettle Style Chips for a fraction of the cost of all of those brands and I have to say, Clancy’s is onto something here. To be fair, most of the chips that I had were unusually oily and there were a number of them where the spread of salt was quite uneven so some were way too salty and some were not salty at all but for $1.79 for an 8.5 oz bag of kettle style chips? Sure. Why not? Their competitors price out their bags of chips in the $3-6 range at a minimum and with a smaller ounce per bag at that.

I wasn’t expecting much but I’m glad that I got to try it. It’s definitely not as good as the other brands but for the price per ounce? I can live with that. If I really wanted that specific sort of taste, I’d buy the name brands but for an off brand like Clancy’s, I can’t really complain too much.


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All in all, I think Clancy’s Kettle Chips is alright. Not the best but not the worst. Somewhere in the middle.

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