You may be wondering to yourself why I started this blog that just seems like an utter mish mash of seemingly random topics, the bulk of which covers liquors, my views on feminism, the state of Western society reflecting the effects of feminism, dating, relationships, and all that jazz.

Part of it, (or rather a very large part of it), is to have a place in cyberspace for me to sort out my thoughts on various matters that affect me throughout my life and for me to reflect on it, process it, and gloss over parts of my life to see if I can learn something new that I hadn’t before. Part of it is to talk about the things I like (or love) talking about. Part of it is to keep a record of my life just for my personal reference so I can keep track of how much I’ve grown, evolved, and/or maybe even regressed or gone back on things I’ve previously thought of or held as “hard truths” that stood the test of time (or didn’t stand the test of time). And part of it is to give you, the reader, a window into my life in all of its glory as well as its dark times.

My hope is that you might be able to draw something useful from my own personal experiences, my passions, my accomplishments, my thoughts, my frustrations, as well as my failures. That’s the beauty of human life. Choice. Free Will. Conscience. You can decide to use it for positive change in your own life and those around you or you can use it to inflict a whole lot of pain and evil, and bring despair and destruction into the world. Just saying. I do believe that there’s a lot of good in the world. At the same time though, I’m not so naive as to believe that there aren’t a whole lot of evil as well. There is. There’s a lot of it. And it’s going on all around us. All the time.  It’s up to you to decide what you choose to do with the knowledge that you came upon. I’m confident though that despite all the seemingly pessimistic, negative, and dark thoughts I seem to pour out into my personal articles, especially those dealing with feminism, dating, and relationships, that you can see for yourself that I do hold a ray of hope in it all. It’s not all doom and gloom even though I seem to talk about it a lot. I still choose life despite it all. And you should too.

Please feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and conjectures under any one of my blog posts. I think we can learn from each others experiences and together, we can make this world a better place for everyone, one person at a time, one article at a time, and one comment at a time.

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You would think after NY Gal and Batshit Crazy Facebook Gal# 2 was enough for the year but nope, I had that undying faith that I’ll find the one for me. It’s a numbers game, after all. Play the abundance game and surely, one would step forward and not be another Medusa. Life dealt me a shitty hand that year and you can read that here:

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Now prior to giving Facebook dating a chance, I actually went out and did the whole traditional dating scene with disastrous results. Now, granted, it was dating within the gaming community, which may not be the best of places to find a girlfriend but at least I’m not picking up chicks at a bar, which, depending on how you view it, can be a good or bad thing. The following posts cover the aftermath:

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So after a soul-crushing experience with Facebook dating and traditional dating, I came across MGTOW for the first time. Ever. You can read more about what my initials thoughts were in the following:

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Then after going through what is considered in the manosphere’s “MGTOW Rage,” I have since calmed down and have decided to approach dating in a different light. And along that journey, I decided to try to give dating a shot again:

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