Welterburger Kloster Asam Bock is Super Nutty and Bold

Wow. Hats off Welterburger Kloster Asam Bock on the first sip. It is definitely deep, bold, super nutty and malty. And I think there’s a hint of bitterness in there too. Not so much on the hops but I think there’s even a hint of chocolate in there as well. Carbonation is on the light side, per usual, for imported beer. I definitely wasn’t expecting any of that given how the label looks. Frankly, it just looks like any other European (or in this case, German) beer with, I suppose, Christian themes on it: namely, a red cross-like insignia.


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I actually bought this beer at the Glendale, CA Bevmo location. I haven’t been back to this location for the longest time, mainly because it’s a bit out of my way and partly because the last couple of times I went, they seemed to be running out of beers in the under $3 and $4 range. This one was among the last couple of beers that were priced at $3.49 respectively with another imported one which I’ll be getting around to reviewing later this week. That’s retail, by the way. Not on sale, surprisingly, but I guess there’s a reason why it’s not. It’s actually pretty damn tasty. I think among the few imported European’s I’ve tried thus far, this one ranks up there with BitBurger Premium.



Even though they are entirely different beers, I feel like among the imported beers I’ve tried, that one stuck out to me as well as this. The Weihenstephaner was another super nutty beer that really left its mark but since then, I’ve been trying out different beers in the sub-$5 category and those haven’t left as huge of an impression as these three beers.


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By far, this imported beer takes the cake insofar as the ABV goes. It’s at a whopping 6.9% ABV. That’s higher than any other imported beer that I’ve tried thus far, I think. If I’m wrong, please correct me. Usually imported beers hover somewhere above the domestic stuff and typically over 5% ABV. This one is 0.1% short of a full 7% ABV. That’s impressive. And to top of it off, I can’t even taste the alcohol. Craft beers do that thing where they increase the hoppy flavors to hide the alcohol bite but this beer doesn’t do that. Instead, it switches up a few notches the nutty and chocolaty flavors, which really gives this beer quite a bit of depth akin to drinking a dark roast coffee.

All in all, I really liked this beer and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it again even at retail price, if I felt like tasting something like this again.

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